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OWM Technical Article Library

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NIST OWM staff develop and publish technical articles on a variety of legal metrology topics to encourage and promote uniformity in weights and measures requirements and their implementation and methods of inspection. 

To search the content of this page, use Ctrl-F via your keyboard. For example, articles related to "scales" or "electric vehicles" may be located by words in the Title or Keywords.

An Excel version of the table is here, allowing the information to be sorted by Topic Area or Keywords.

The following table provides a selection of technical articles published in past OWM newsletters. Recent articles (April 2022 to present) are maintained as individual webpages as listed on the OWM landing page and are hyperlinked through the article title. This content may be updated and noted by an 'Updated' date on the individual page. Past articles (before April 2022) are provided as PDF or Word documents. These are not updated and thus contain information that is only current as of the publication date.

Publication Date Article Title (with link)Topic AreaKeywords

2024 Articles

2024-06-26Considerations for Class II Scale ApplicationsDEVICESScale, weighing instrument, Class II, point-of-sale system, scale division (d), verification scale division (e), scale suitability, recommended minimum load, scale selection criteria, NIST Handbook 44
2024-06-26Update on NIST Activities for EVSEDEVICESElectric vehicles (EVs), calibration, transfer meters, EV fueling, test guidance and documentation, field standards
2024-05-1620 May 2024 is World Metrology DayWEIGHTS AND MEASURESWorld Metrology Day, National Metrology Institute (NMI), Designated Institute (DI), services, BIPM, OIML
2024-05-02The UK to recognize CE-marked weighing and measuring instrumentsOIMLcompliance, legal metrology instruments
2024-05-01National Legal Metrology Program (NLMP) Announces New “Info Hours”WEIGHTS AND MEASURESNIST Handbooks 44, 130, 133, digitalization, scales, grain moisture measurements, e-commerce, electric vehicles, EVSE, 
2024-04-12Weigh-In-Motion Scale Systems: Protecting the Nation’s Aging InfrastructureDEVICESWeigh-in-motion (WIM), infrastructure, law enforcement applications
2024-04-02Uniform Unit Pricing: Tools for Consumers to Fight ShrinkflationPACKAGING AND LABELINGuniform unit pricing, SP 1181, downsizing, 
2024-04-01Fun and Games: Teach and Learn Measurement System Basics with the SI Units Card DeckMETRICSI, measurement system, prefixes, defining constants, SURF, PREP
2024-04-01Witness Testing in Official Weights and Measures InspectionsDEVICESinspections, devices, test equipment 
2024-04-01Uniform Unit Pricing: Tools for Consumers to Fight ShrinkflationPACKAGING AND LABELINGNIST SP 1181, unit pricing, labeling, packaging, retail pricing
2024-04-01NIST Special Publication on WIM Systems Used in Law Enforcement ApplicationsDEVICESWeigh-in-motion (WIM), infrastructure, law enforcement applications
2024-01-09A Brief History of OWMWEIGHTS AND MEASURESU.S. Constitution, authorities, NIST Handbooks, NCWM, treaties, Presidential Executive Order
2024-01-032024 National Price Verification SurveyPACKAGING AND LABELINGPrice accuracy, Examination Procedure for Price Verification (EPPV), inspections
2024-01-09NIST OWM – NCWM: An Enduring Partnership for Over 100 YearsWEIGHTS AND MEASURESMemorandum of Understanding (MOU), uniformity, marketplace equity, weights and measures, legal metrology

2023 Articles

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2023-09-28NIST SP2200-03: An Evolving Regulatory Landscape for Commercial Electric Vehicle FuelingDEVICESElectric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, EV Fueling Systems, state regulations, manufacturers, field standards, OIML
2023-09-28Coriolis Mass Flow Meters as Field Test StandardsFIELD STANDARDSfield test standards, mass flow meters, USNWG, devices, liquified products, CNG
2023-09-28What is the true meaning of a “scale division” (d) versus a “verification scale division” (e)DEVICESOIML R 76, NIST Handbook 44, verification scale division
2023-09-20Metric Week 2023: Seven Days of SI FunMETRICNational Metric Week, SI, U.S. Metric Association
2023-09-06National Metrology Systems: A Framework for Global TradeLEGAL METROLOGYOIML D1, National Metrology Systems, BIPM
2023-08-14Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Test Instrumentation: Guidance DocumentationDEVICESElectric vehicles (EVs), calibration, transfer meters, EV fueling, test guidance and documentation, field standards
2023-06-30Our Digital Future in Legal Metrology: Lessons Learned from the International Conference of WeighingWEIGHINGDigitalization, OIML, European Weighing Industry Association (CECIP), devices, software, digitalization
2023-06-30OWM Training Program Reaccredited as IACET Provider for Continuing EducationTRAININGIACET, CEUs, accreditation, continued education and training, laboratory metrology
2023-06-30NIST OWM’s Informal Learning ResourcesTRAININGNIST Handbooks, test procedures, guidance documents, training videos
2023-06-30New York State Annual Weights and Measures Association Meeting and Training SchoolTRAININGNEWMA, EPOs, training, inspections
2023-06-30NIST OWM Strategic PlanWEIGHTS AND MEASURESstrategic objectives, vision, mission, values
2023-06-01NIST Partners with NCWM and States for a National Survey on 20 lb Cylinders of LPG (Propane)PACKAGING AND LABELINGLiquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), propane, training, method of sale, tare, labeling requirements, net content verification, refilling locations, refillers, allowable  difference, allowable tolerance, NIST Handbook 130
2023-03-31NIST Metric Kitchen: Educational Website LaunchedMETRICSI, measurement system
2023-03-31EVSE Fast Charging Network: Challenges for Calibration and TraceabilityDEVICESElectric vehicles (EVs), infrastructure, field meters, transfer standards
2023-03-31Small Volume Provers (SVPs): Small-Scale Measurement Devices with a Big ImpactFIELD STANDARDSVolume displacement prover, state metrology, calibration
2023-03-31Switzerland Hosts OIML Certification System Management CommitteeOIMLOIML Certification System (OIML-CS), certificate management system
2023-01-06New Year’s Eve 2023 Marked the Retirement of the U.S. Survey FootMETRICU.S. survey foot, NIST SP 811, NOAA, National Geodetic Survey
2023-01-04SI Prefix ProgressMETRICBIPM, SI Brochure, SI prefixes, CGPM, ronna, ronto, quetta, quecto

2022 Articles

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2022-10-12Top 10 Tips for Teaching the Metric SystemMETRICInternational System of Units (SI), length, area, volume, mass, temperature and time.
2022-09-28Quantity Versus Quality of Inspections – Taking ShortcutsDEVICESinspections, checker, administrators, device accuracy
2022-06-30Investigating Coriolis Mass Flow Meters as Field Reference Meters – Compressed Natural Gas ApplicationsDEVICESgravimetric test methods, field test standards, mass flow meters, USNWG, CNG
2022-06-29Over 20,000 Propane Cylinders Tested Nationwide!PACKAGING AND LABELINGLPG, propane, national marketplace survey, tare weight, methods of sale, fill procedures, net content
2022-06-16Digital NIST Stakeholder WorkshopLEGAL METROLOGYdigital calibration reports, metrological traceability, digital data
2022-03-29The Future is Charged: National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula ProgramDEVICESElectric vehicles (EVs), infrastructure, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, method of sale, EV Fueling Systems
2022-03-27Discover NIST Education Resources!METRICNEST-R, SI, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

2021 Articles

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2021-10-01NIST Handbook 130 Related to EPA Final Rule, Fuels Regulatory StreamliningFUEL QUALITYNIST Handbook 130, EPA, fuels, method of sale, commodities, automotive lubricants, regulation, electronic code of federal regulations, 40 CFR Part 1090
2021-10-01Celebrate National Metric WeekMETRICSTEM, metric, national metric week, NCTM, SI, education, USMA
2021-07-01Why the Recent Global Attention on Digital Transformation in (Legal) Metrology? LEGAL METROLOGYTechnology, digitalization, metrology, automation, cloud
2021-07-01Liquified Petroleum Gas 20 Pound CylindersPACKAGING AND LABELINGLiquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), propane, training, method of sale, tare, labeling requirements, net content verification, refilling locations, refillers, allowable  difference, allowable tolerance, NIST Handbook 130
2021-07-01The International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) Adopts a New Recommendation for Arched Chute Type - Automatic Bulk Weighing SystemsOIMLOIML, Automatic Bulk Weighing System, Arched Chute Type, Weighing, R 150-1
2021-04-01First Certificate of Type Approval for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Issued by the California Division of Measurement StandardsDEVICESFuels, electric vehicle fueling, EVSE, field standards
2021-04-01NIST Handbook 105-1 Revised! What Now? Part 2FIELD STANDARDSNIST Handbook 105, field standards, calibration
2021-01Writing with the SIMETRICSI, Metric
2021-01OWM Traceability Review GuidanceLABORATORY METROLOGYTraceability, ISO 17025, NIST Handbook 143 
2021-01New on-demand Webinar on NIST HB130 Method of Sale and HB133 Test procedure for mulch and soilsTRAININGWebinar, training, education, NIST Handbook 130, NIST Handbook 133

2020 Articles

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Making Sense of the “Min” Marking on Class I and II Scales

This article is accompanied by a “Knowledge Check” Quiz and Answer Key.

WEIGHINGScales, marking
2020-10Best Practices on Reviewing QMS Documents LABORATORY METROLOGYNIST Handbook 105-7, provers, CLP, displacement provers, NIST Handbook 105-9, CLPs, RMFD, motor-fuel dispensers, HB105-X, master meters, meters
2020-10Final Notice on the Deprecation of the U.S. Survey Foot IssuedMETRICSurvey foot, SI, measurement
2020-03Test Procedure for Checking the Area Measurement of Chamois Revised PACKAGING AND LABELINGChamois, Labeling, NIST Handbook 133 
2020-03NIST Handbook 105-1 Revised! What Now?FIELD STANDARDSNIST Handbook 105, field standards, calibration
2020-03OIML Revision of D 31 General Requirements of Software-controlled measuring instrumentsSOFTWAREOIML D31, Software-controlled, weighing, devices

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2018-10The Office of Weights and Measures Received Renewal of IACET AccreditationTRAININGIACET, accreditation, OWM
2018-04-16Worth the Weight:  New International Guidelines Published for Manufacturing Load CellsOIMLInternational, Load Cells
2017-12The Display of Packages in Retail Stores and the Principal Display Panel Requirements for Packaged GoodsPACKAGING AND LABELINGPDP, packaging, labeling, FPLA, consumer
2017-10Consumer and Non-Consumer LabelingPACKAGING AND LABELINGPackaging, labeling, consumers, non-consumer, retail packaging, FDA, multi-unit packages, NIST Handbook 130, quantity statement, UPLR
2016-07Measure for Measure Does Accuracy Matter to You?METRICMeasurement accuracy, Symbols, NIST SP330, SP811, measurand, measurement units, SI, U.S. Customary
2016-07Grain Moisture Air-Oven Reference Methods in the United StatesGRAIN MOISTURE METERSMoisture meters, air-oven reference methods, NTEP, GIPSA, USDA
2016-06Office of Weights and Measures Publishes: Fuel and Motor Oil Sampling Handbook for Field OfficialsFUEL QUALITYNIST Handbook 158, fuel, motor oil, quality testing, testing methods
2016-04Considerations When Determining the Method of Sale for Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)MEASURINGMOS, LNG, CNG, NIST Handbook 44, NIST Handbook 130, labeling, SI, weight, volume, measuring, fuels
2016-03NIST Handbook 133 Conversion Tables Incorporated into FTC's Fair Packaging and Labeling ActPACKAGING AND LABELINGSI, metric, packaging and labeling, FPLA, NIST Handbook 133
2016-03Adoption of the SI in State LawMETRICSI
2016-03Labeling Requirements for Packages Labeled Using In-Store ScalesPACKAGING AND LABELINGNIST Handbook 130, labeling, random packages, declaration
2015-12-15Hopper Scales, Selecting the Appropriate DeviceWEIGHINGHopper scales, scales, NIST Handbook 44, specifications, tolerances, measuring, weighing
2015-06Changes for Product Labeling for Meats and Poultry with Added SolutionsPACKAGING AND LABELINGMeats, poultry, labeling, added solutions, packaging, USDA, FSIS, NIST Handbook 130, NIST Handbook 133
2015-06Technical Correction to 2015 NIST Handbook 130, Uniform Engine Fuels and Automotive Lubricants RegulationsFUEL QUALITYNIST Handbook 130, engine fuels, oil
2015-03-26Draining Test Measures and ProversFIELD STANDARDSProvers, test measures, NIST Handbook 44
2015-02-24New Best Practices Guide Shows Unit Pricing Is a Great Deal!PACKAGING AND LABELINGUnit pricing guide, consumer value comparisons, NIST SP1181
2014-12Testing Compressed Natural Gas Retail Motor-Fuel Dispensers: Arriving Prepared to TestDEVICESCNG, motor-fuel dispensers, natural gas
2014-12U.S. National Working Group on Alternative Test Methods, Field Task Group ActivitiesFIELD STANDARDSATM, alternative test methods
2014-06Principal Display Panels on Random PackagesPACKAGING AND LABELINGNIST Handbook 130, NIST Handbook 133, packaging, labeling
2014-03Special Unclassified EquipmentDEVICESNIST Handbook 44, tolerances, specifications, devices
2014-03Tightening the Belt (on Belt-Conveyor Scale Systems)WEIGHINGBelt-conveyor, scales, NIST Handbook 44, specifications, tolerances, devices

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2013-09Package Testing Based on the Largest of Declared QuantitiesPACKAGING AND LABELINGPackage testing, package and labeling, measuring units, laws and regulations
2013-09Determining Reference Test Weight per Bushel Value of GrainsGRAIN MOISTURE METERSTest weight, grain measurement, grain moisture meters, meter scales
2013-06Planting Season is Here! How Can Consumers Identify the Best Value?PACKAGING AND LABELINGPackaging and labeling, plants, UPLR
2013-06-26Retail Motor Fuel Device Training VideoTRAININGTraining, RMFD, retail motor-fuel dispensers, meters
2013-06-24Office of Weights and Measures: Laboratory Metrology Program OverviewLABORATORY METROLOGYMetrology, weights and measures, laboratory recognition, documentary standards, training
2013-06-24Office of Weights and Measures Receives Important "Continuing Education" AccreditationTRAININGTraining, education, IACET, CEU
2013-04-01Field Standards for Weights and MeasuresFIELD STANDARDSField standards, calibrations, NIST Handbook 105 
2012-07-09Changes to the International Vocabulary of Metrology: Proposed Changes to Some Definitions in the Uniform Weights and Measures Law in NIST Handbook 130OIMLVocabulary, VIM3, Definitions, Metrology, Uniform Weights and Measures Law, NIST Handbook 130
2012-06Petroleum Volume: Getting Calibrations in the CanFUEL QUALITYVolume, oil, oil products, fluid metrology, measurement, petroleum, provers, meters
2012-04Anti-drain Requirements for Liquid Retail Motor-fuel DevicesDEVICESMotor fuel, liquid-measuring devices, NIST Handbook 44, wet-hose, dry-hose, antidrain
2012-02A New Generation of Grain Moisture MetersGRAIN MOISTURE METERSGrain moisture, grain temperature compensation, calibration, variances tolerances
2011-09Tare Verification: "Ensuring the Accuracy of Pre-packaged Tare"PACKAGING AND LABELINGBulk materials, package and labeling, pre-packaged products, product sampling
2011-08Clean SweepWEIGHINGBulk materials, NIST Handbook 44, devices, sweep samplers
2011-07Are you Getting What You Pay For? How Scale Use Affects Transaction AccuracyWEIGHINGtare, scales, NIST Handbook 44, devices
2011-07The Proper Use of Substitute Test FluidsMEASURINGLiquid-measuring devices, automatics temperature-compensating, NIST Handbook 44, devices
2011-05Grain Moisture Meter Test Methods and TolerancesGRAIN MOISTURE METERSGrain moisture, air oven reference, tolerances
2011-03Proposed Rules Would Allow Metric Only Labeling for Some ProductsPACKAGING AND LABELINGPackaging and labeling, FPLA, UPLR, NIST Handbook 130, metric
2010-03Packaging and Labeling Differences: Consumer vs Non-consumerPACKAGING AND LABELINGPackage and labeling, NIST Handbook 130, consumer packages, non-consumer packages

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2009-12Computing Capability of Mechanical Retail-Computing Scales (An Issue of Suitability for Weighing Devices)DEVICESMechanical retail-computing scales, cylinder scale, fan scale, optical indicating scale, suitability of equipment
2009-12Suitability of Equipment - Interpreting and Applying NIST Handbook 44 General Code Paragraph G-UR.1.1.DEVICESNIST Handbook 44, general code (G-UR.1.1.) suitability of equipment
2009-10Hydrogen, What's Next. U.S. National Work Group (USNWG) for the Development of Commercial Hydrogen Measurement StandardsHYDROGENHydrogen H2 Fuel Specifications Subcommittee, USNWG, Devices, Hydrogen Refueling, Fuel Cells, Fuel Quality
2009-10Hydrogen, What's Next. U.S. National Outreach and Hydrogen Measurement StandardsHYDROGENHydrogen, H2, hydrogen refueling stations, fuel cells
2008-09Ideas for Obtaining Retailer Compliance Through Education and OutreachPACKAGING AND LABELINGInspections, outreach
2008-09Hydrogen, What's Next U.S. National Work Group (USNWG) for the Development of Commercial Hydrogen Measurement StandardsHYDROGENHydrogen,  H2, fuel specifications, gaseous hydrogen
2008-09Grain Moisture Meter (GMM) Series, Part 4 – Grain Preparation, Maintenance and Storage of Grain Transfer Standards, Equipment and Apparatus, and Field Test ProceduresGRAIN MOISTURE METERSGrain moisture, temperature measuring devices, field testing, maintenance, storage
2008-09Proposed NIST Handbook 44 Requirements for Tare - Part 1, BackgroundWEIGHINGTare
2008-09Proposed NIST Handbook 44 Requirements for Tare - Part 2, Terminology and DefinitionsWEIGHINGTare
2008-06Is the Wax Coating on Cheese Considered Tare?PACKAGING AND LABELINGTare
2008-06Devices Just Calibrated - Acceptance Tolerances Apply, Right?WEIGHINGSpecifications, tolerances, devices, calibrations
2008-06Overcoming Roadblocks of Testing Large Capacity ScalesWEIGHINGDevices, large capacity scales
2008-06Internal Legal Metrology Organizational PrimerOIMLInternational Legal Metrology Organization (OIML)
2008-04Updates to Handbook 105-3 and 105-4FIELD STANDARDSBottom-drain sight flow gages, decimal gallon indications, LPG provers, high-resolution devices
2008-04What's Next in Hydrogen? U.S. National Work Group (USNWG) March 2008 MeetingHYDROGENHydrogen, H2 , National Hydrogen Fuel Cells Codes and Standards Coordinating Committee (NHFCCSCC), Department of Energy
2007-11What's Next in Hydrogen? Part 2HYDROGENHydrogen, H2 , National Hydrogen Fuel Cells Codes and Standards Coordinating Committee (NHFCCSCC), Department of Energy
2007-09Grain Moisture Meter (GMM) Series Part 3 - Grain Moisture Meter Measurement Technology - Near InfraredGRAIN MOISTURE METERSNear infrared technology, NIR, grain moisture, Beer-Lambert Law, characteristic absorption bands
2007-09New Shift Test Loads and Test Patterns for Platform Scales with Less than Three SectionsWEIGHINGWeight for shift tests, shift test loads, test pattern, position of test weights, shift test procedures
2007-09What's Next in Hydrogen?HYDROGENHydrogen, H2 , National Hydrogen Fuel Cells Codes and Standards Coordinating Committee (NHFCCSCC), Department of Energy
2007-09Total Sale Capacity for Analog Retail Motor-Fuel DispensersFUEL QUALITYAnalog dispensers, measurement range, range of computing elements, computing capability, suitability of equipment, design specifications, total price computing capability, total sale capacity, total volume capacity
2007-09U.S. National Work Group on Measuring Systems for Electric Vehicle Fueling and SubmeteringMEASURINGFuels, electric vehicle fueling, submetering
2007-09Applying Correct TolerancesDEVICESMaintenance tolerance, acceptance tolerance
2007-06Inspecting and Testing Electronic Carcass Evaluation Devices (Part 5)DEVICESVision system, evaluation system, digital photo, yield grade, cutout test, ASTM Standard-F2343-06
2007-06Device Inspection - Where to Find HelpDEVICESNIST Handbook 44, technical requirements, examination procedure outlines (EPOs), NIST training seminars, technical support, field manuals
2007-06What's Next in Hydrogen?HYDROGENHydrogen, H2 , National Hydrogen Fuel Cells Codes and Standards Coordinating Committee (NHFCCSCC), Department of Energy
2007-06Are There Scales on a Gas Pump? That Sounds Fishy to Me!MEASURINGScales, meters, weighing devices
2007-06Inspecting and Testing Electronic Carcass Evaluation Devices (Part 4)DEVICESUltra Fom TM, animal ultrasound services (AUS), fat measurement, lean measurement
2007-03Regulatory Requirements for Fruits and VegetablesPACKAGING AND LABELINGClear polyethylene bags, method of sale, product identifiers
2007-03Grain Moisture Meter (GMM) Series Part 2 - The Economic Impact of Errors in Moisture MeasurementsGRAIN MOISTURE METERSEconomic impact, grain moisture meters, moisture loss, shrinkage
2007-03Determination of Test Loads & Tolerances for Multi-interval and Multiple Range Weighing InstrumentsWEIGHINGMulti-interval, multiple range tolerances

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2006-11Marking Requirements and Proper Testing Procedures for Vehicle Scales Equipped with Multiple Independent Platforms Interfaced with a Totalizing Indicating ElementWEIGHINGMarking requirements, multiple platforms, totalizing indicating  element
2006-11National Stored Tare Vehicle Study ConcludedWEIGHINGVehicle stored tare, devices
2006-11Grain Moisture Meter (GMM) Series Part 1 - Overview of GMM Series TopicsGRAIN MOISTURE METERSGrain moisture meters
2006-09Inspecting and Testing Electronic Carcass Evaluation Devices (Part 3)DEVICESFat-O-Meat'er, electronic carcass evaluation
2006-09Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) and Point-of-Sale Systems (POS) Interfaced with Scales Part 1 - BackgroundWEIGHINGElectronic cash registers (ECRs), Point-of-Sale systems (POS), card readers, cash  acceptors
2006-09Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) and Point-of-Sale Systems (POS) Interfaced with Scales Part 2 - ExaminationWEIGHINGElectronic cash registers (ECRs), Point-of-Sale systems (POS), inspection markings, indicating elements, recording elements, zero-balance condition , price look-up (PLU) , increasing-load, decreasing-load, tare
2006-09What do Grain Moisture Meters Measure and How are they Calibrated?GRAIN MOISTURE METERSGrain moisture meters, calibration, dielectric technology, capacitance, air-oven reference method
2006-06Inspecting and Testing Electronic Carcass Evaluation Devices (Part 2)DEVICESFat-O-Meat'er, electronic carcass evaluation
2006-03Update on U.S. Stored Vehicle Tare StudyDEVICESTare, stored vehicle tare, scales
2006-03Moisture Allowance-The Official's Nemesis; Industry's Nightmare!PACKAGING AND LABELINGMoisture allowance, NIST Handbook 130
2006-03Part 5-Small Volume Prover (SVP) Proving ReportsFIELD STANDARDSSVP report forms, SVPs, small volume provers
2006-03Get the (Lead) Mercury Out!!FIELD STANDARDSMercury thermometers
2006-03Suitability of Installation and Variations of Weighing and Measuring Devices Covered by an NTEP CCDEVICESNTEP CCs, suitability of equipment
2006-03Meter Testing and Corrections - Corrections During Liquid Meter TestingMEASURINGMeter testing, temperature corrections, provers
2005-11Are You Confused by "Retroactivity?"FIELD STANDARDSField standards, weight carts, retroactivity
2005-11Part 4-Small Volume Provers (SVPs): Operating Procedures for the Use of SVPs when Testing Loading Rack MetersFIELD STANDARDSSVPs, small volume provers, operating procedures
2005-11Inspecting and Testing Electronic Carcass Evaluation Devices (Part 1)DEVICESCarcass evaluation
2005-11Reading, Correction or Error? Issue in Volume CalibrationLABORATORY METROLOGYVolume calibration
2005-08NIST - Suggested Field Standards & Calibration IntervalsFIELD STANDARDSField standards, calibration intervals
2005-08Important Technical Guidance on GlasswareFIELD STANDARDSGlassware calibration, use of glassware
2005-08Fuel Tank Capacity and Gas Pump AccuracyMEASURINGFuel tank capacity, gas pump accuracy
2005-08Part 3-Small Volume Provers (SVPs): Mathematical Determination of Meter Performance Using SVPsFIELD STANDARDSSVPs, small volume provers, meter performance, proving K-factor
2005-08Series 1 - Gravimetric Testing of Oil Meters: Equipment Needs and Scale RequirementsMEASURINGGravimetric testing, meters
2005-08Series 2 - Gravimetric Testing of Oil Meters: Converting Net Weight to Corrected VolumeMEASURINGGravimetric testing, oil meters, converting net weight to corrected volume
2005-06Calibration of Rock? Calibration Certificates - Acceptance or Not?FIELD STANDARDSCalibration, accreditation
2005-06Proper Packaging Required to Maintain TraceabilityFIELD STANDARDSField standards, shipping, packaging
2005-08Part 2-Small Volume Provers (SVPs): History, Design, and OperationFIELD STANDARDSSVPs, small volume provers
2005-03Part 1-Small Volume Provers (SVPs): Identification, Terminology and DefinitionsFIELD STANDARDSSVPs, small volume provers
2005-03Ink Jet Cartridge Labeling . . Is Count Enough?PACKAGING AND LABELINGInk jet cartridges, labeling
2005-03USDA Clarifies MAVsPACKAGING AND LABELINGMAVs, USDA clarification, maximum allowable variations
2005-03Contract Sales Using Retail Motor-fuel DispensersMEASURINGContract sales, RMFD
2004-11Using NIST Handbook 44WEIGHTS AND MEASURESNIST Handbook 44
2004-08MAVs and USDA ProductsPACKAGING AND LABELINGMAVs, USDA products, maximum allowable variations
2004-08Upcoming Changes for Sealing Requirements for Measuring Devices with Remote Configuration CapabilityMEASURINGSealing requirements, LMD, remote configuration
2004-08Using Vapor Return Lines on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) MetersMEASURINGVapor return lines, LPG
2004-05Net Content Inspections - What and Where to TestPACKAGING AND LABELINGNet content inspection, net quantity inspection
2004-05Net Content Inspections - Federal RequirementsPACKAGING AND LABELINGNet content, net quantity, federal requirements, FDA
2004-05How to Apply Repeatability TolerancesDEVICESRepeatability, tolerances
2004-05Testing Grain Moisture Meters (GMMs)GRAIN MOISTURE METERSTesting grain moisture meters, GMMs
2004-02Labeling Non-consumer PackagesPACKAGING AND LABELINGNon-consumer packages , labeling
2004-02Volumetric Prover Calibration and UseFIELD STANDARDSVolumetric prover, calibration
2004-02Temperature is a Big Factor in Vehicle-Tank Meter TestMEASURINGTemperature, VTMS
2004-02New Requirements for Grain Moisture Meters Capable of Measuring Test WeightGRAIN MOISTURE METERSGrain moisture meters, GMMs, test weight
2004-02How to Apply Repeatability TolerancesDEVICESAccuracy testing, repeatability testing
2004-02Inspecting Equipment with Audit TrailsDEVICESAudit trails

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2003-12Use of Fuel Error Weights on NIST HB 105-8 - Compliant Weight CartsFIELD STANDARDSWeight cart, Handbook 105-8
2003-12Testing Blend Retail Motor-Fuel Dispensers (RMFDs)MEASURINGBlend dispensers, RMFD
2003-12Drinking Water Vending Machines Gain PopularityMEASURINGWater vending machines
2003-09Printed Receipts at Retail Service StationsMEASURINGPrinted receipts, retail motor fuel dispensers, RMFD
2003-09Definition of Premium Diesel Fuel Gets an OverhaulFUEL QUALITYPremium diesel fuel, definitions
2003-05Industry Standards versus Legal RequirementsWEIGHTS AND MEASURESIndustry standards, legal requirements
2003-05U.S. to Lead in Development of Hydrogen Power ResearchHYDROGENHydrogen fuel, standards development
2003-03Transition to the Metric System - A Window of OpportunityMETRICMetric transition
2003-03US/OIML Legal Metrology ComparisonOIMLNIST Handbook 44, OIML R76
2002-11Near Infrared (NIR) Device Inspection and Moisture BasisGRAIN MOISTURE METERSNIR, moisture basis
2002-08Remanufactured Device Guidelines Accepted/New Liquid Measuring Devices and Vehicle-Tank Meters TolerancesDEVICESRemanufactured devices, guidelines
2002-08Submetering of Water -- a Growing ConcernMEASURINGSubmetering, water meters
2002-08Remanufactured Device Guidelines Accepted/New Liquid Measuring Devices and Vehicle-Tank Meters TolerancesMEASURINGRemanufactured devices, tolerances, VTM, LMD
2002-05Updating U.S. Packaging and Labeling LawsPACKAGING AND LABELINGmetric, packaging and labeling laws
2002-05Contract Post OfficesDEVICESPost Offices, contract, USPS, scales
2002-05Laboratory Management Review (For Laboratory Managers and Supervisors)LABORATORY METROLOGYLaboratory management review
2002-02Moisture Loss: What is it? How much is allowed?PACKAGING AND LABELINGMoisture loss
2001-11Federal Involvement in Net Content InspectionPACKAGING AND LABELINGNet contents, nutritional labeling, FDA
2001-08Providing the Option for Metric-Only LabelingPACKAGING AND LABELINGMetric-only labeling
1999-08NCWM Amends UPLR to Allow Metric-Only LabelingPACKAGING AND LABELINGMetric-only labeling, UPLR
1999-08ATF Says "No" to Centiliters on Wine BottlesPACKAGING AND LABELINGLabeling, wine
1998-08NCWM Adopts L&R's Recommendations on Diesel FuelFUEL QUALITYDiesel fuel
1998-05All Vehicle Tank Meters Must Have Ticket Printers after January 1, 1999MEASURINGTicket printers, VTM

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