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Metric Kitchen

Collage of bowl of apples, cookie dough, kitchen scale, oatmeal in a bowl
Credit: NIST

Welcome to the NIST Metric Kitchen! The most frequent measurements made in the home are those used for cooking and baking.

Completing a metric recipe is an opportunity to apply culinary math, expand measurement skills, interpret instructions, complete steps in a necessary sequence, troubleshoot, build self confidence, and enjoy the delicious results! For young chefs, these activities offer an opportunity to refine fine motor skills and coordination, practice selecting appropriate cooking tools, opening containers, mixing, pouring without spilling, counting, weighing, as well as reading and interpreting a digital scale readout or oven thermometer.

Disclaimer: Any mention of commercial products within NIST web pages is for information only; it does not imply recommendation or endorsement by NIST.


Created January 13, 2010, Updated September 28, 2023