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OWM Products and Services

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NIST OWM develops, promotes, and delivers a wide range of legal metrology products and services including U.S. and International documentary standards, technical guidance and test procedures, and numerous in-person training courses, webinars, and e-learning resources.


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Publications and Documentary Standards.  OWM publishes a wide range of NIST documentary standards, Handbooks, special publications, and internal reports that pertain to areas of legal metrology, laws, regulations, measurement devices, and specifications and tolerances.  Learn more here...


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Learning Resources. OWM has various online and e-learning resources that can be used for training and continuing education, both in a formal setting and through self-study.  Learn more here…


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Training Courses and Events. OWM provides a variety of in-person and virtual training and encourages our community to participate in this professional development opportunity to build and extend their technical skills.  Learn more here...


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Newsletter and Articles. OWM maintains a quarterly digital newsletter and provides articles of interest to the weights and measures community. Learn more here…


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U.S. National Working Groups.  OWM leads and manages a series of United States National Work Groups (USNWG) on a range of weights and measures technical areas. Learn more here...

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OWM Contacts System. This Contacts System is managed by NIST OWM as a service to the weights and measures community and the general public for registering for OWM training classes and for requesting, downloading, and/or reviewing a wide variety of weights and measures technical materials and publications. Learn more here...

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Created March 10, 2023, Updated June 26, 2023