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OWM Technical Article Library

Digital library as a computer with electronic files
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The following compilation contains all technical articles published in OWM newsletters since 2010, with several general interest and/or reference articles dating back to 2003. 

Recent technical articles (April 2022 to present) are maintained as Programs/Projects, Blogs, or News/Updates pages on the main OWM website and are hyperlinked through the article title (below). Some content in these pages is regularly updated as noted by an 'Updated' date. 

Prior technical articles (before April 2022) are provided as PDF or Word documents. These articles are not updated and thus contain information that is only current as of the publication date.

To locate specific topics and/or articles directly on this page, please use the browser's Ctrl-F feature. For example, articles related to "scales" may be located if included in either the title or keywords accompanying the article.

The table below (static view only) is sorted by publication date. An Excel version of the table is provided here to allow the information to be selected and/or sorted by specific topic area(s).

Publication Date 
Technical Article (with Hyperlink)Topic Area(s)Keywords
2024-05-1620 May 2024 is World Metrology DayOWM, OIML, LEGAL METROLOGYWorld Metrology Day, National Metrology Institute (NMI), Designated Institute (DI), services, BIPM, OIML
2024-05-02The UK to recognize CE-marked weighing and measuring instrumentsOIMLcompliance, legal metrology instruments
2024-05-01National Legal Metrology Program (NLMP) Announces New “Info Hours”WEIGHING, DEVICES, SOFTWARE, FIELD STANDARDS, PACKAGING AND LABELINGNIST Handbooks 44, 130, 133, digitalization, scales, grain moisture measurements, e-commerce, electric vehicles, EVSE, 
2024-04-12Weigh-In-Motion Scale Systems: Protecting the Nation’s Aging InfrastructureDEVICESWeigh-in-motion (WIM), infrastructure, law enforcement applications
2024-04-02Uniform Unit Pricing: Tools for Consumers to Fight ShrinkflationPACKAGING AND LABELINGuniform unit pricing, SP 1181, downsizing, 
2024-04-01Fun and Games: Teach and Learn Measurement System Basics with the SI Units Card DeckMETRICSI, measurement system, prefixes, defining constants, SURF, PREP
2024-04-01Witness Testing in Official Weights and Measures InspectionsDEVICESinspections, devices, test equipment 
2024-04-01Uniform Unit Pricing: Tools for Consumers to Fight ShrinkflationPACKAGING AND LABELINGNIST SP 1181, unit pricing, labeling, packaging, retail pricing
2024-04-01NIST Special Publication on WIM Systems Used in Law Enforcement ApplicationsDEVICESWeigh-in-motion (WIM), infrastructure, law enforcement applications
2024-01-09A Brief History of OWMOWM, LEGAL METROLOGYU.S. Constitution, authorities, NIST Handbooks, NCWM, treaties, Presidential Executive Order
2024-01-032024 National Price Verification SurveyPACKAGING AND LABELINGPrice accuracy, Examination Procedure for Price Verification (EPPV), inspections
2024-01-09NIST OWM – NCWM: An Enduring Partnership for Over 100 YearsOWMMemorandum of Understanding (MOU), uniformity, marketplace equity, weights and measures, legal metrology

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2023-09-28NIST SP2200-03: An Evolving Regulatory Landscape for Commercial Electric Vehicle FuelingDEVICES, FIELD STANDARDSElectric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, EV Fueling Systems, state regulations, manufacturers
2023-09-28Coriolis Mass Flow Meters as Field Test StandardsDEVICES, FIELD STANDARDSfield test standards, mass flow meters, USNWG
2023-09-28What is the true meaning of a “scale division” (d) versus a “verification scale division” (e)DEVICESOIML R 76, NIST Handbook 44, verification scale division
2023-09-20Metric Week 2023: Seven Days of SI FunMETRICNational Metric Week, SI, U.S. Metric Association
2023-09-06National Metrology Systems: A Framework for Global TradeOIML, LEGAL METROLOGYOIML D1, National Metrology Systems, BIPM
2023-08-14Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Test Instrumentation: Guidance DocumentationDEVICES, FIELD STANDARDSElectric vehicles (EVs), calibration, transfer meters, EV fueling, test guidance and documentation
2023-06-30Our Digital Future in Legal Metrology: Lessons Learned from the International Conference of WeighingWEIGHING, DEVICES, SOFTWAREDigitalization, OIML, European Weighing Industry Association (CECIP), 
2023-06-30OWM Training Program Reaccredited as IACET Provider for Continuing EducationLABORATORY METROLOGY, TRAININGIACET, CEUs, accreditation, continued education and training
2023-06-30NIST OWM’s Informal Learning ResourcesTRAININGNIST Handbooks, test procedures, guidance documents, training videos
2023-06-30New York State Annual Weights and Measures Association Meeting and Training SchoolTRAININGNEWMA, EPOs, training, inspections
2023-06-30NIST OWM Strategic PlanOWMstrategic objectives, vision, mission, values
2023-06-01NIST Partners with NCWM and States for a National Survey on 20 lb Cylinders of LPG (Propane)PACKAGING AND LABELINGLiquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), propane, training, method of sale, tare, labeling requirements, net content verification, refilling locations, refillers, allowable  difference, allowable tolerance, NIST Handbook 130
2023-03-31NIST Metric Kitchen: Educational Website LaunchedMETRICSI, measurement system
2023-03-31EVSE Fast Charging Network: Challenges for Calibration and TraceabilityDEVICESElectric vehicles (EVs), infrastructure, field meters, transfer standards
2023-03-31Small Volume Provers (SVPs): Small-Scale Measurement Devices with a Big ImpactFIELD STANDARDSVolume displacement prover, state metrology, calibration
2023-03-31Switzerland Hosts OIML Certification System Management CommitteeOIMLOIML Certification System (OIML-CS), certificate management system
2023-01-06New Year’s Eve 2023 Marked the Retirement of the U.S. Survey FootMETRICU.S. survey foot, NIST SP 811, NOAA, National Geodetic Survey
2023-01-04SI Prefix ProgressMETRICBIPM, SI Brochure, SI prefixes, CGPM, ronna, ronto, quetta, quecto

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2022-10-12Top 10 Tips for Teaching the Metric SystemMETRICInternational System of Units (SI), length, area, volume, mass, temperature and time.
2022-09-28Quantity Versus Quality of Inspections – Taking ShortcutsDEVICESinspections, checker, administrators, device accuracy
2022-06-30Investigating Coriolis Mass Flow Meters as Field Reference Meters – Compressed Natural Gas ApplicationsDEVICESgravimetric test methods, field test standards, mass flow meters, USNWG, CNG
2022-06-29Over 20,000 Propane Cylinders Tested Nationwide!PACKAGING AND LABELINGLPG, propane, national marketplace survey, tare weight, methods of sale, fill procedures, net content
2022-06-16Digital NIST Stakeholder WorkshopLEGAL METROLOGYdigital calibration reports, metrological traceability, digital data
2022-03-29The Future is Charged: National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula ProgramDEVICESElectric vehicles (EVs), infrastructure, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, method of sale, EV Fueling Systems
2022-03-27Discover NIST Education Resources!METRICNEST-R, SI, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

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2021-10-01NIST Handbook 130 Related to EPA Final Rule, Fuels Regulatory StreamliningFUEL QUALITYNIST Handbook 130, EPA, fuels, method of sale, commodities, automotive lubricants, regulation, electronic code of federal regulations, 40 CFR Part 1090
2021-10-01Celebrate National Metric WeekMETRICSTEM, metric, national metric week, NCTM, SI, education, USMA
2021-07-01Why the Recent Global Attention on Digital Transformation in (Legal) Metrology? LEGAL METROLOGYTechnology, digitalization, metrology, automation, cloud
2021-07-01Liquified Petroleum Gas 20 Pound CylindersDEVICES, MEAUSURINGLiquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), propane, training, method of sale, tare, labeling requirements, net content verification, refilling locations, refillers, allowable  difference, allowable tolerance, NIST Handbook 130
2021-07-01The International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) Adopts a New Recommendation for Arched Chute Type - Automatic Bulk Weighing SystemsOIMLOIML, Automatic Bulk Weighing System, Arched Chute Type, Weighing, R 150-1
2021-04-01First Certificate of Type Approval for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Issued by the California Division of Measurement StandardsDEVICES, MEAUSURINGFuels, electric vehicle fueling
2021-04-01NIST Handbook 105-1 Revised! What Now? Part 2FIELD STANDARDSNIST Handbook 105, field standards, calibration
2021-01-01Writing with the SIMETRICSI, Metric
2021-01-01OWM Traceability Review GuidanceLABORATORY METROLOGYTraceability, ISO 17025, NIST Handbook 143 

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2020-10-01Making Sense of the “Min” Marking on Class I and II ScalesWEIGHINGScales, marking
2020-10-01Best Practices on Reviewing QMS Documents LABORATORY METROLOGYNIST Handbook 105-7, provers, CLP, displacement provers, NIST Handbook 105-9, CLPs, RMFD, motor-fuel dispensers, HB105-X, master meters, meters
2020-10-01Final Notice on the Deprecation of the U.S. Survey Foot IssuedMETRICSurvey foot, SI, measurement
2020-03-01Test Procedure for Checking the Area Measurement of Chamois Revised PACKAGING AND LABELINGChamois, Labeling, NIST Handbook 133 
2020-03-01NIST Handbook 105-1 Revised! What Now?FIELD STANDARDSNIST Handbook 105, field standards, calibration
2020-03-01OIML Revision of D 31 General Requirements of Software-controlled measuring instrumentsWEIGHING, DEVICES, SOFTWAREOIML D31, Software-controlled

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2018-04-16Worth the Weight:  New International Guidelines Published for Manufacturing Load CellsOIMLInternational, Load Cells
2015-12-15Hopper Scales, Selecting the Appropriate DeviceWEIGHINGHopper scales, scales, NIST Handbook 44, specifications, tolerances, measuring, weighing
2015-03-26Draining Test Measures and ProversFIELD STANDARDSProvers, test measures, NIST Handbook 44
2013-04-01Field Standards for Weights and MeasuresFIELD STANDARDSField standards, calibrations, NIST Handbook 105 
2012-07-09Changes to the International Vocabulary of Metrology: Proposed Changes to Some Definitions in the Uniform Weights and Measures Law in NIST Handbook 130OIMLVocabulary, VIM3, Definitions, Metrology, Uniform Weights and Measures Law, NIST Handbook 130

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2009-10Hydrogen, What's Next. U.S. National Work Group (USNWG) for the Development of Commercial Hydrogen Measurement StandardsDEVICES, MEAUSURINGHydrogen H2 Fuel Specifications Subcommittee, USNWG, Devices, Hydrogen Refueling, Fuel Cells, Fuel Quality
2009-10Hydrogen, What's Next. U.S. National Outreach and Hydrogen Measurement StandardsDEVICES, MEAUSURINGHydrogen H2 Hydrogen Refueling stations, Fuel cells
2008-06Internal Legal Metrology Organizational
OIMLInternational Legal Metrology Organization (OIML)
2003-03US/OIML Legal Metrology ComparisonOIMLNIST Handbook 44, OIML R76

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Created May 14, 2024, Updated May 17, 2024