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NIST OWM Strategic Plan

Dunkler Kompass - Konzept Vision

As the NIST OWM Chief, I am very pleased to announce the completion and launch of the OWM Strategic Plan (FY2023 – FY2027). OWM has a long-standing history in U.S. and international weights and measures and serves as one of several outward facing NIST Offices that provides documentary standards and services direct to Customers and Stakeholders. With our Vision and Mission clear in mind, our Strategic Plan was crafted to help OWM determine how best to deliver these standards and services while also identifying our future growth and development opportunities. This is envisioned through four (4) main Strategic Objectives:

  1. Prioritize and Modernize Core OWM Activities
  2. Engage with Critical and Emerging Technologies
  3. Promote the “Why” for Weights and Measures
  4. Develop a U.S. Legal Metrology Center

The scope of our Strategic Plan included extensive input from OWM staff, and direct feedback from both internal NIST partners and OWM’s wealth of customers and stakeholders. We are also very grateful to all in the weights and measures community that provided initial feedback through a series of surveys and personal interviews.

We have also reorganized our internal office operations to streamline the delivery of our Products and Services. Our Legal Metrology Devices and Laws and Regulations programs have now been combined into the National Legal Metrology group with David Sefcik as the new leader. Our aim is to harmonize OWM’s programs and activities to provide relevant and expeditious services to the community. Please see our Organization Chart and Program Areas for more information.

We welcome further and continuous feedback as we begin to implement the new OWM Strategic Plan. Please send any feedback and comments to me directly katrice.lippa [at] (katrice[dot]lippa[at]nist[dot]gov) and/or owm [at] (owm[at]nist[dot]gov).

Released June 30, 2023, Updated February 1, 2024