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OWM Customers and Stakeholders

  • Commercial measuring equipment and device manufacturers and suppliers
  • Consumers and advocacy groups
  • Industry, product manufacturers and distributors, and trade associations
  • Metric (SI) and metrology educators
  • National and international standards development organizations (SDOs)
  • National Metrology Institutes and Designated Institutes (NMIs/DIs)
  • State and local weights and measures officials, commissioners, and inspectors
  • U.S. Federal government agencies

In practice, NIST OWM often works interactively and collaboratively with many of our partners to develop, promote, and deliver our Products and Services. Some of our products and services are produced in direct partnership with our stakeholders, such as the publication of the NIST Handbooks 44, 130, and 133 with the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM).

Our current aim is to maintain many of these vital partnerships, but also to further develop and enhance relationships with new partners and stakeholders through the development of new activities as part of our strategic objectives in our Strategic Plan.

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Created March 10, 2023, Updated June 14, 2023