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IBPC 2016 Presentations


May 3-5, 2016 National Institute of Standards and Technology

Presentations of the International Biometric Performance Conference, 2016. This page is intended as a permanent archive of the presentations delivered to the IBPC 2016.

Presentations of the International Biometrics Performance Conference, 2016

In a few cases the files linked here are slightly abridged versions of what was actually presented. There are a few video links with the talks. The four co-chairs are grateful to the speakers for their assistance in preparing this proceedings.

IBPC 2016 Proceedings

Day 1 Presentations (zip file)

Day 2 Presentations (zip file)

Day 3 Presentations (zip file)

The presentations are listed by order of presentation.

May 3, 2016

Nick Megna, FBI, Update on activities of the FBI Biometrics Center of Excellence.

Jim Cole, DHS, Homeland Security Investigations, Expanding the role of analytics in child exploitation cases.

Tony Mansfield, NPL, SPOKE - Collecting operationally representative voice recordings for speaker recognition evaluation.

Vince Stanford, NIST, Design of the upcoming Speaker Recognition Vendor Test 2016.

Neil Costigan, BehavioSec, Accuracy for behavioral authentication for native mobile application.

Jonas Anderson, Fingerprint Cards AB, Performance testing and validation for biometrics in consumer products, mobile phones.

Oscar Miguel, University of Kent, Users-Centric Design: introducing remote usability evaluation in mobile settings.

Elaine Newton, Kevin Mangold, Colin Soutar, NIST + Deloitte, Determining strength of biometric authentication.

Andreas Nautsch and Daniel Ramos, CASED and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, UAM, Making decisions with biometric systems: the utility of a bayesian perspective.

Ted Dunstone + Joshua Abraham, Biometix, Improving identity resolution accuracy by exploiting relationships between quality attributes and matching scores to optimize candidate lists.

Brian DeCann , Noblis, Pitfalls in ROC analysis when evaluating normalized 1:N matcher scores.

Arun Ross, Michigan State University, Relating ROC Curves and CMC Curves.

Judith Liu-Jimenez, U. Carlos III Madrid,"The Madrid Study", a comparative test of fingerprint sensors + algorithms.

Antoine Cabana, ENSICAEN, Assessing methodology for operational testing + evaluation on biometric black boxes.

Ramon Blanco-Gonzalo, U. Carlos III Madrid, Usability evaluation of biometric recognition systems.

May 4, 2016

Patrick Grother, NIST, NIST upcoming evaluation testing.

Amanda Sozer + Chris Miles, SNA International + DHS S&T, Evaluation of rapid DNA kinship performance.

Jean-Christoph Fondeur, Morpho, Advances, challenges and opportunities in contactless fingerprint capture.

Stephen Fox, AOS, Quantifying performance of noncontact fingerprinting.

Chris Boehnen, IARPA, Overview of the Odin program on presentation attack detection.

Rick Lazarick and Patty Wolfhope, CSRA + DHS S&T, Evaluation of 'non-traditional' fingerprint sensor performance.

Roberto Wolfer, Frank Dittrich, Thomas Seeling, Daniel Schubert, Jenetric + TU Chemnitz, Investigations on reducing the failure-to-enroll rate for fingerprint scanners by means of user-centered interaction design.

Anil Jain, Michigan State University, Fingerprint recognition in young children: An option for UID, others?

Stephen Elliott, Purdue University, Human Biometric Sensor Interaction, latest research and Process HBSI.

Ines Goicoechea-Telleria, U Carlos III Madrid, An evaluation of Presentation Attack Detection of fingerprint biometric systems applying ISO/IEC 30107-3.

Elaine Newton and Stephanie Schuckers NIST + Clarkson U, Recommendations for Presentation Attack Detection: Mitigation of threats due to spoof attacks.

Akira Otsuka and Tetsushi Ohki, AIST, Security Evaluation of vascular biometrics.

Christoph Busch + Michael Thieme, CASED + Novetta, The ISO/IEC 30107-3 standard for testing of presentation attack detection - applied to fingerprint alteration detection.

Elham Tabassi, NIST, NFIQ 2.0 Design, implementation and performance evaluation.

Timo Ruhland, Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), Validation of NFIQ on massive archival datasets.

Martin Olsen, Norwegian U. of Science and Technology, NFIQ 2.0 Features for fingerprint quality determination.

Christophe Rosenberger, ENSICAEN, Pixel pruning for fingerprint quality assessment.

May 5, 2016

Jim Wayman San Jose State University, Performance of Smartgate Australia.

Dan Bachenheimer, Accenture, Use of biometrics in migration: UN High Commission on Refugees.

Fares Rahmun, Bundesverwaltungsamt, EU Smart Borders – German pilot experience.

Dan Bachenheimer, Accenture, EU Smart Borders – Finland pilot experience.

Arun Vemury, DHS S&T Air Entry Exit Re-engineering, Biometric concepts of operation in the airport environment.

Jacob Hasselgren, Scitor (SAIC), Scenario tests for immigration exit.

Yevgeniy Sirotin, Scitor (SAIC), Usability and user perceptions of self-service biometric technologies.

Kevin McCarthy, MITRE, The Business Case for Biometric Identification Solutions?

Yevgeniy Sirotin, Scitor (SAIC), Efficient test design for biometric exit scenarios.

Artem Kukharenko, N-Tech. Lab. Facenx: Real time planetary scale face recognition system.

Jonathon Phillips, NIST, Evaluation of human face recognition performance.

Michael Thieme, Novetta, Performance testing for synthesized and processed face images.

Ça?atay Karabat, S&T Research Council, Turkey, Status of biometric passports in Turkey + border security challenges

Dan Bachenheimer, Accenture, Beyond eGates: Passive face recognition of travelers in crowds.

Patrick Grother, NIST, Passive face recognition for immigration exit?


Created May 10, 2016, Updated November 15, 2019