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Conformance Testing of JPEG 2000 CODEC's


Conformance testing of vendor JPEG 2000 CODEC data for certification and inclusion on the FBI CJIS Certified Products List.


Those suppliers wishing to submit NIST Special Publication 500-289 implementations of JPEG 2000 CODECs for conformance testing to NIST must follow the procedures, outlined in NIST Special Publication 300. This includes obtaining a NIST assigned encoder identifier, downloading the NIST reference fingerprint image set (Section 7.1, in NIST SP 500-300); running the NIST images through the supplier's CODEC and storing the resulting images (Section 7.3); submitting the supplier's CODEC images to NIST for evaluation (Section 7.4).

Download NIST Special Publication 500-300 (available free of charge):

"JPEG 2000 CODEC Certification Guidance for 1000 ppi Fingerprint Friction Ridge Imagery"

Obtain NIST Assigned Encoder Identifier(s)

When the supplier believes the JPEG 2000 implementation is able to compress and decompress images on some platform and meet the requirements in SP 500-300, they should obtain a NIST-assigned encoder identifier (also referred to as the "implementation ID"). This identifier must be present in all images encoded by the supplier's CODEC, and must be present in conformance test images submitted to NIST for evaluation.

Requests for an encoder identifier must be sent to:

fingerprintcompression [at] (subject: JPEG%202000, body: ) (fingerprintcompression[at]nist[dot]gov)

with the email message's Subject field:

JPEG 2000 encoder identification request

and the following information in a plain-text attachment:

Supplier name, physical address, general phone number, website address
Supplier point of contact name, email address, phone number
Email address to send assigned encoder identifier to
Platform on which all images being submitted were generated
computer hardware (computer make & model, and CPU make & model 
operating system name and version 
compiler name and version 
any virtual machine (name, version and configuration), if used

The 32-bit and 64-bit versions of an operating system are considered different platforms.

Different Service Packs of the same version of Microsoft Windows operating systems have not been considered different platforms. However, please specify the Service Pack level used.

In 7 to 10 days typically, the sender will receive a reply email with the 100-byte encoder identifier.

For each platform, the corresponding identifier must be present in all JPEG 2000 images created by the supplier's CODEC on that platform.

Additionally, the electronic response you will receive from NIST will include a download link for the reference fingerprint image set needed by the supplier for testing.

Running the Testing Protocol

Upon downloading and unpacking the reference image set, the supplier then executes the testing protocol by running the images systematically through their implementation of the JPEG 2000 CODEC.

Encoder Test 1 (ES)

For each reference image *-SRC.pgm, the suplier will use their own JPEG 2000 encoder, on one pass using 10:1 lossy compression, to create a corresponding *-ES.jp2, and lossless compression to create a corresponding *-LES.jp2.

Decoder Test 2 (ESDS)

For each *-ES.jp2 created by Encoder Test 1, the supplier will use their own JPEG 2000 decoder to create a corresponding *-ESDS.pgm.

 For each *-LES.jp2 created by Encoder Test 1, the supplier will use their own JPEG 2000 decoder to create a corresponding *-LESDS.pgm.

Decoder Test 3 (ESDR)

Decoder Test 3 (ESDR) will be completed by NIST, using the reference decoder to process each of the files compressed using the Supplier's encoder. As with Decoder Test 2, both the 10:1 lossy compressed and lossless compressed images resulting from Encoder Test 1 will be decoded and evaluated. As the supplier will have already included the necessary files under the Supplier subdirectory, no further action is required by the supplier in order to prepare for Decoder Test 3 (ESDR).

Decoder Test 4 (ERDS)

For each reference image *-ER.jp2 generated by the NIST reference encoder, the supplier will use their own JPEG 2000 decoder to create a corresponding *-ERDS.pgm.

For each reference image *-LER.jp2 generated by the NIST reference encoder, the supplier will use their own JPEG 2000 decoder to create a corresponding *-LERDS.pgm.

Submitting Processed Images to NIST for Evaluation

The 180 processed images generated by the supplier's CODEC should be moved to the Supplier subdirectory, and the entire package (excluding the NIST subdirectory) tarred (or zipped) back up.

The resulting *.tar (or *.zip) should have the NIST-Assigned Encoder Identifier in the filename.

For example, if the NIST-Assigned Encoder Identifier is:


then, on a Unix-style system, one would run:

mv NIST/*-{ES.jp2,LES.jp2,ESDS.pgm,LESDS.pgm,ESDR.pgm,LESDR.pgm,ERDS.pgm,LERDS.pgm} Supplier/

tar cf 41ab87823014dcb19113dfcd0902c569265270861a7f2cbdff148a38cc260675.tar Supplier/

The archive file is then submitted back to NIST for evaluation.

The submission package must not contain any executable code, macro-enabled content, or proprietary or sensitive information. All data and media submitted to NIST for testing will become the property of NIST.

Submitting Electronically

The archive file may be submitted to NIST by contacting the official JPEG 2000 CODEC Test Custodian:

fingerprintcompression [at] (subject: JPEG%202000, body: ) (fingerprintcompression[at]nist[dot]gov)

In order to receive further instructions, the email's subject line must be:

JPEG 2000 encoder conformance submittal

Submitting Parcel Post

The supplier's archive file may be submitted to NIST on a data-DVD (DVD-R or DVD+R) mailed to:

JPEG 2000 CODEC Test Custodian
ITL-IAD-Image Group
100 Bureau Drive MS 8940
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8940 USA

FBI Certification

If the testing protocol is complete and the supplier's results satisfactorily meet the requirements set forth in SP 500-300, then NIST notifies the FBI CJIS Division that the supplier received an Overall Result of Pass. Subsequently, the FBI CJIS Division issues a letter certifying that the supplier's implementation of a JPEG 2000 CODEC is compliant with the specification set forth in SP 500-289. The implementation ID and information corresponding to the submission will then be added to the current list of approved implementations maintained by the FBI at:

This implementation ID must remain hardcoded into the supplier solution and included in all JPEG 2000 encoded output from the supplier CODEC according to this specification.

Note: The FBI certification for an implementation will apply only to a specific configuration. A configuration encompasses the software version of the encoder / decoder, hardware platform, operating system, and compiler used. If any of these components change resulting in a binary level change in any of the files the supplier sent to NIST for the purposes of the initial certification, then a recertification including a new implementation ID will be required. Also note that the certification process is not intended to endorse one implementation over another, but merely to certify that the implementation meets FBI standards. The FBI does not recommend one certified implementation over another.

Further Information 
    NIST Biometric Image Software (NBIS), including NIST reference JPEG 2000 CODEC 
    Official NIST Biometric Compression Information




Created May 6, 2016, Updated June 2, 2021