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Biometric Evaluation Framework

Biometric Evaluation Framework is a set of C++ classes, error codes, and design patterns used to create a common environment to provide logging, data management, error handling, and other functionality that is needed for many applications used in the testing of biometric software.


The goals of Biometric Evaluation Framework include:

  • reduce the amount of I/O error handling implemented by applications;
  • provide standard interfaces for data management and logging;
  • remove the need for applications to handle low-level events from the operating system;
  • provide time tracking and constraints for blocks of code;
  • reduce potential for memory errors and corruption;
  • simplify the use of parallel processing.

The experience of the NIST Image Group when running many software evaluations has led to the need for common code for dealing with recurring software issues, such as mass data management, biometric data conversion, statistics gathering, and memory management.

Biometric Evaluation Framework is free and public domain software that may be downloaded from the official NIST GitHub webpage.


Slap Fingerprint Segmentation Evaluation (SlapSeg III)
Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) 

Created August 12, 2014, Updated April 18, 2019