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Slap Fingerprint Segmentation Evaluation III

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Slap Fingerprint Segmentation Evaluation (SlapSeg) III is a public test of automated slap fingerprint segmentation algorithms. Fingerprint segmentation is the act of separating or segmenting an image of the friction ridge structure of the hand into individual images of the upper-most finger joints, known as distal phalanges. In SlapSeg III, output from automated algorithms is compared to output from a human examiner and analyzed for similarity.


  1. The evaluation agreement can be scanned/faxed to NIST to start the SlapSeg III test. The orginal signed document will still need mailed to us.  Fill out the request for the dataset agreement to receive the validation dataset.
  2. Wrap your algorithm in the SlapSeg III application programming interface (API), and build it as a shared library.
  3. Follow the instructions in validation to ensure the output of your algorithm meets NIST's testing requirements.
  4. E-mail the signed and encrypted output of validation to the SlapSeg III team.


SlapSeg III is the latest in a long history of slap fingerprint segmentation evaluations conducted by the NIST Image Group. Prior evaluations include SlapSeg II (2008–2018) and SlapSeg 04 (2004–2005). These evaluations produced a number of relevant documents:


Created July 20, 2018, Updated June 4, 2020