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Legacy - PATRIOT Act Research

Ten Print Capture - Scanner & Software Requirements Workshop Presentations.

Summary of NIST PATRIOT Act Recommendations 

Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation (FpVTE) 2003
Results:(NISTIR 7123)

PATRIOT Act Reports/Presentations

NISTIR 7586 Hypothesis Test of Fingerprint-Image Matching Algorithms in Operational ROC Analysis

NISTIR 7495 Operational Measures and Accuracies of ROC Curve on Large Fingerprint Data Sets

NISTIR 7449 Studies of Operational Measurement of ROC Curve on Large Fingerprint Data Sets Using Two-Sample Bootstrap

NISTIR 7376 - Nonparametric Statistical Data Analysis of Fingerprint Minutiae Exchange with Two-Finger Fusion

NISTIR 7346 Studies in Biometric Fusion by Brad Ulery (Mitretek Systems), Austin Hicklin (Mitretek Systems), Craig Watson (NIST), William Fellner (Mitretek Systems) and Peter Hallinan (Mitretek Systems Consultant),September 2006.

  • Analysis Report [729K].
  • Appendix A [710K] - Terminology, Experimental Design and Data Description
  • Appendix B [1497K] - Effectiveness of Score-Level Fusion
  • Appendix C [375K] - Evaluation of Selected Biometric Fusion Techniques
  • Appendix D [349K] - Fusion by Logistic Regression
  • Appendix E [1237K] - Modeling Biometric Score Distributions

Solid-State Fingerprint Scanners - A survey of Technologies talk given at NIST by Phillip D. Wasserman (NIST Guest Researcher) on November 30, 2005. PDF Document [692K].

NISTIR 7273 Using Chebyshev's Inequality to Determine Sample Size in Biometric Evaluation of Fingerprint Data, November 2005.

NISTIR 7271 The Myth of Goats: How many people have fingerprints that are hard to match? September 2005.

NISTIR 7226 Nonparametric Analysis of Fingerprint Data, May 2005.

NISTIR 7204 NIST Biometric Evaluations and Developements, February 2005.

NISTIR 7201 Effect of Image Size and Compression on One-to-One Fingerprint Matching, February 2005.

NIST Fingerprint Image Quality

  • NISTIR 7151[2,451K] - NIST Fingerprint Image Quality
  • Appendix A[62K] - ROC's and Data set quality distributions. Appendix A results for each SDK are in separate files. Each file is about 1-1.4MB in size. A B C D E F G H I J K L N VTB Appendix A results for the DATASETS[104K]
  • Appendix B[418K] - Trellis plots of feature vector components and performance. 

SDK Testing Results

NISTIR 7110 Matching Performance for the US-VISIT IDENT System Using Flat Fingerprints, May 2004.

NISTIR 7112 Studies of Plain-to-Rolled Fingerprint Matching Using the NIST Algorithmic Test Bed (ATB), April 2004

This presentation is an overview of biometrics work for the PATRIOT ACT (September 23, 2003) - PPT Format[1,907K].

NISTIR 7020 Report on studies of fingerprint matching using the NIST verification test bed (VTB)

As a result of the PATRIOT Act, Congress has tasked NIST with a statutory mandate to develop and certify a highly accurate technology standard that shall include biometric identifiers. The first presentation is an interim summary report of the progress made through August, 2002 PDF Format[626K] and the second report is an updated version from November, 2002 PDF Format[436K].

International Meeting of Biometric Experts, March 23-25, 2004.

  • "International Data Sharing Issues," R.M. McCabe, PPT Format[237K]
  • "Large Scale USA PATRIOT Act Biometric Testing," C.L. Wilson, PPT Format[1,476K]
  • "Collecting Multimodal Biometric Data," R.J. Michaels, PPT Format[1,267K]
  • "Face Recognition Grand Challenge," P.J. Phillips, PFT Format[610K]


Summary of NIST Standards for Biometric Accuracy, Tamper Resistance, and Interoperability.

This is Appendix A from "Use of Technology Standards and Interoperable Databases With Machine-Readable, Tamper-Resistant Travel Documents," which is a joint report to Congress from Department of Justice, Department of State, and National Institute of Standards and Technology.

This report was the latest data available on November 13, 2002 when the report was prepared. Since that time, NIST has determined that the fingerprint system used was not as accurate as current state-of-the-art fingerprint systems and is approximately equivalent to commercial fingerprint systems available in 1998. NIST Appendix A[408K] 

Facial Recognition Vendor Test 2002 

Test Data for Fingerprints and Face 

A listing of NIST Special Databases containing fingerprint and face data.



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