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NIST Fingerprint Image Quality (NFIQ) 2 is open source software that links image quality of optical and ink 500 PPI fingerprints to operational recognition performance. This allows quality values to be tightly defined and then numerically calibrated, which in turn allows for the standardization needed to support a worldwide deployment of fingerprint sensors with universally interpretable image qualities. NFIQ 2 quality features are formally standardized as part of ISO/IEC 29794-4 and serve as the reference implementation of the standard.

Source code

Development of NFIQ 2 occurs on the official NFIQ 2 GitHub.


Installers for major releases are available on the Releases tab of the official NFIQ 2 GitHub. These downloads include a command-line interface for a variety of platforms, as well as development files for third-party integrators.


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Created February 11, 2011, Updated January 11, 2023