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IBPC 2014 Presentations


April 1 - 4, 2014 National Institute of Standards and Technology

Presentations of the International Biometric Performance Conference, 2014. This page is intended as a permanent archive of the presentations delivered to the IBPC 2014.

Presentations of the International Biometrics Performance Conference, 2014

In a few cases the files linked here are slightly abridged versions of what was actually presented. There are a few video links with the talks. The four co-chairs are grateful to the speakers for their assistance in preparing this proceedings.

IBPC 2014 Proceedings

Day 1 Presentations (Zip file)

Day 2 Presentations (Zip file)

Day 3 Presentations (Zip file)

The presentations are listed alphabetically by speaker name.

  1. Andre Anjos and Sebastain Marcel, BEAT, "Reproducible biometrics evaluation and testing with the BEAT platform". BEAT Prototype MP4
  2. Sunpreet Arora, Kai Cao, Nick Paulter and Anil Jain, MSU, "3D fingerprint phantom". phantom.avi
  3. Dan Bachenheimer, Accenture, "Performance measurement in ABC and surveillance scenarios".
  4. Oliver Bausinger, BSI, "NFIQ 2.0 Adoption and use-cases: in EU:e-passport, EU-VIS and U.S."
  5. Kevin Bowyer, University of Notre Dame, "Comments on iris template aging and IREX VI".
  6. Ralph Breithaupt, BSI, "Steps & stones with presentation attack detection - PAD projects @ BSI" video zip file
  7. Christoph Busch, Hochschule Darmstadt-CASED, "Presentation attack detection for smartphone finger image recognition".
  8. Christoph Busch, Hoshschule Darmstadt-CASED, "An introduction to the European Association for Biometrics".
  9. Jim Cambier, Crossmatch, "A matcher-independent approach to quality normalization".
  10. John Campbell, Bion Biometrics, "New Zealand SmartGate - Using quantitative performance information to improve convenience + security".
  11. Raoul Cooper, British Airways, "Lessons from implementing biometrics in an airport environment".
  12. Bojan Cukic, WVU, "Multi-stage stratified sampling for the design of large scale biometric recognition systems".
  13. Adam Czajka, Warsaw University of Technology, "Pupil dynamics for presentation attach detection in iris recognition". PDHD.wmv  Pupil Dynamics.avi
  14. Belen Fernandez-Saavedra, U. Carlos III, "Environmental testing of ABC systems".
  15. Belen Fernandez-Saavedra, U. Carlos III, "Biometric Performance and usabililty of commercial fingerprint scanners".
  16. Stéphane Gentric, Morpho, "Semi-supervised evaluation of face recognition in videos".
  17. Dmitry Gorodnichy, CBSA, "Automated Border Control systems as part of e-border crossing process".
  18. Dmitry Gorodnichy, CBSA, "PROVE-IT(FRiV): framework and results".
  19. John Garofolo, NIST, "Video analytics evaluation methods".
  20. Patrick Grother, NIST, "Quantifying iris permanence using operational data".
  21. Peter Johnson and Stephanie Schuckers, Clarkson University, "Evaluation of presentation attack detection".
  22. Çağtay Karabot, UEKAE Turkey, "Privacy evaluation of biohashing methods".
  23. Scott Klum, Hu Han, Brendan Klare and Anil Jain, MSU, "Sketch to photo matching".
  24. Emanuela Marasco, WVU, "Enhancement of interoperability between optical fingerprint sensors".
  25. Nick Megna, FBI, "The Next Generation Identification capability".
  26. Elaine Newton, NIST, "Attacks at the Sensor: Standards development on presentation attacks and liveness detection ".
  27. Markus Nuppeney, BSI, "Automated Border Control - sate of play and latest developments".
  28. Martin Olsen and Christoph Busch, Hochschule Darmstadt, "Standardization :: ISO/IEC 29794-4 mapping NFIQ 2.0 quality components to impairments".
  29. Norman Poh, University of Surrey, "Multimodal aging". Multimodal aging.MP4
  30. Vivek Raghavan and Araj Mashruwala, UIDAI, "Massive Scale Biometric Authentication System".
  31. Shantanu Rane, MERL, "The ISO/IEC 30136 standard for testing of template protection schemes".
  32. Christian Rathgeb, Hochschule Darmstadt - CASED, "A biometric for life - potential for a lifetime breeder document".
  33. Marek Rejman Greene, UK Home Office, "ERNCIP: a European approach to standardization and testing of systems for protection of critical infrastructures".
  34. Marek Rejman Greene, UK Home Office, "Adding value to CCTV: Issues n testing of facial recognition systems".
  35. Arun Ross, MSU, "De-identifying biometric images for enhancing privacy and security".
  36. Raul Sanchez Reillo, U. Carlos III, "Anti-spoofing evaluation of dynamic handwritten signature algorithms".
  37. Günter Schumacher, EU-Joint Research Center, "Child fingerprint recognition".
  38. Michael Schwaiger + Elham Tabassi, Secunet + NIST, "NFIQ 2.0 open source: Operational release + Development kit".
  39. Aruna Shenony, NPL, "De-identification of a face inclusive of age, gender and expression". 
  40. Yunlian Sun and Massimo Titarelli, Universita di Sassari, "Short-term and long-term aging analysis in human faces".
  41. Elham Tabassi, NIST, "NFIQ 2.0::Design, implementation, and performance evaluation".
  42. Elham Tabassi, NIST, "ISO/IEC 29794-6 quantitative standardization of iris image quality".
  43. Mary Theofanos, NIST, "Factors in evaluating the usability of biometric systems".
  44. Michael Thieme, IBG, "Evaluation of Facebook and Google + face processing".
  45. Bradford T. Ulery, Noblis, "Measuring what latent print examiners consider sufficient information for individualization".
  46. Arun Vemury, DHS, "Biometric Technology Evaluations for Re-engineering Entry/Exit Operations in Airports".
  47. Benoit Vibert, UNICAEN/ENSICAEN, "Biometric sensor and match-on-card evaluation platform".
  48. Zhigang Yao and Christophe Rosenberger, ENSICAEN, "Utility validation of a new fingerprint quality metric".
  49. Soweon Yoon and Anil Jain, MSU, "On the persistence of fingerprints".
Created April 1, 2014, Updated December 5, 2016