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Iris Challenge Evaluation (ICE)


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) conducted and managed the Iris Challenge Evaluation (ICE) projects. The ICE 2005 was a technology development project for iris recognition. The ICE 2006 was the first large-scale, open, independent technology evaluation for iris recognition. The primary goals of the ICE projects were to promote the development and advancement of iris recognition technology and assess its state-of-the-art capability. The ICE projects were open to academia, industry and research institutes.







ICE 2006 Workshop

ICE 2006 consisted of a large-scale, open, independent technology evaluation of iris recognition technology. To guarantee an accurate assessment, the ICE measured performance with sequestered data (data not previously seen by the researchers or developers). A standard dataset and test methodology was employed so that all participants were evenly evaluated. The primary goal of ICE 2006 was to determine the state-of-the-art capability of automatic iris recognition technology and to establish a performance baseline against which to measure future progress. Results of this effort may provide design input for future evaluations.

ICE 2005 Workshop

ICE 2005 consisted of an iris recognition challenge problem that was distributed to potential participants. The primary goal in ICE 2005, the recognition technology development project, was to promote and advance iris recognition technology that supports existing iris recognition efforts in the U.S. Government. Self-reported result from the ICE 2005 can be found at here .


Created January 24, 2011, Updated November 15, 2019