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BiomAPP - NIST Biometric Data Interchange Format Software Tools

Utilities for accessing and testing of MINEX II compliant smart cards

This page documents NIST's BiomAPP project to develop and disseminate open-source software for validation and use of smartcards in the MINEX II test.

  • libmoc - library support for MOC
  • libtlv - library support for TLV encoded structures
  • cardinfo - Validation of MINEX II cards
  • cardtest - Test harness for MINEX II card trials

 Personal Identity Verification - Support specifically for PIV-records

  • libpiv - Core library for reading, printing, and writing the CBEFF portion of the PIV record.
  • pivv - Checks conformance of a PIV record containing FMRs and FIRs to the specification as profiled in NIST SP 800-76-1.
  • m1rec2piv - Combines INCITS 378 (FMR) or INCITS 381 (FIR) records and a CBEFF header into a PIV records. 



Created May 17, 2010, Updated November 15, 2019