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Dental Encoding Translator Applications Suite (DEnTAS)

NIST is pleased to announce that it has developed a capability to translate input and output from the major forensic dental systems (each of which uses different coding and terminology) with a new program DEnT. The system currently incorporates UDIM and WinID. NCIC and NamUS are currently undergoing revision, so a direct electronic interface with them is not yet possible. When it is possible, that capability will be added. In the interim, NIST plans to develop an output file that mimics the input data sheets for those two systems.

To load DEnT, see the procedure below.

Dental Encoding Translator Applications Suite (DEnTAS)

STEP 1 - Download the DEnTAS Executable

To obtain the DEnTAS software, right-click on this link, DEnTAS software, and select 'Save link as'. Save to any convenient folder on your computer.

STEP 2 - Run the DEnTAS Executable

Installation requirements:

  1. You must have Administrator privileges to run successfully.
  2. You must have at least 500MB free space on your C: drive to install the DEnTAS tools.


  1. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the DEnTAS executable.
  2. Double-click DEnTAS_vN_N_N.exe.

The executable will perform the following in order:

  1. Extract the DEnTAS software to the C:\DEnTAS folder:
  • This folder will be created if it does not exist
  • This folder cannot be changed
  • Auto-open an instruction page in your default browser:
  • If this page does not open, manually open the C:\DEnTAS\DEnTAS_vN_N_N\DEnT\docs\install\install.html file.
  • Start the RailsInstaller wizard.
  • Note

    After extraction of the DEnTAS software, the RailsInstaller Setup dialog/wizard may be under other windows, or at a minimum, under the auto-opened installation instructions web page.

    The Setup icon will be available on the Taskbar.

    Or, press Alt-Tab to select.

    STEP 3 - Follow the Instructions on the Auto-Opened, DEnTAS-Install Webpage

Created May 19, 2014, Updated September 17, 2018