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The Tattoo Recognition Technology Program features a family of activities designed with goals to evaluate and measure image-based tattoo recognition technology



Tattoo Recognition Technology - Evaluation (Tatt-E)

Tatt-E is a large-scale sequestered evaluation of tattoo recognition algorithms to support operationally relevant use cases, including tattoo identification, region of interest, tattoo detection/localization, matching sketches. For more information, please visit the Tatt-E Homepage.

Tattoo Recognition Technology - Best Practices (Tatt–BP)

Based on the outcomes of the Tatt-C activity, tattoo recognition algorithm accuracy is often influenced by the consistency and quality of the tattoo images.  Tatt-BP provides best practice recommendations and guidelines for the proper collection of tattoo images to support image-based tattoo recognition.  Tatt-BP materials are available on the Tatt-BP Homepage.

Tattoo Recognition Technology - Challenge (Tatt-C)

The goal of the Tattoo Recognition Technology – Challenge (Tatt-C) was to advance research and development into automated image-based tattoo recognition technology. The challenge focused on tattoo matching and retrieval from still images captured operationally by law enforcement agencies. Tatt-C activity culminated with a workshop and a final report with outcomes and recommendations.  The Tatt-C dataset is available on an ongoing basis for interested researchers. For more information, please visit the Tatt-C Homepage.


Created May 8, 2014, Updated July 13, 2017