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The standard specifies formats to be used for exchanging fingerprint and other image data.


February 3, 2023: NIST would like to welcome your participation in the upcoming ANSI/NIST-ITL Standard Update Workshop.  This event is open to all biometric subject matter experts (SMEs), biometric system developers and integrators from government, academia, and industry alike, who wish to participate in the update of the existing document.  We welcome, along with registration, and completion of the Canvassee application, suggestions and topics of interest to be included in the agenda for discussion and consideration for the update or next iteration of the ANSI/NIST-ITL Standard. Register here.

November 27, 2019: We have developed this style sheet to assist as a tool for migration and mapping between ITL versions of NIEM 2.1 and NIEM 4.  We would like for you to utilize this style sheet and provide any comments back to biometrics-editor [at] (biometrics-editor[at]nist[dot]gov). There is a README file to help with the toolkit. 

November 14, 2019:  NIST recommends following the guidelines presented in this file to assist with interpreting and understanding the Impression Codes variances between ANSI/NIST-ITL 2013 (Table 7) and ANSI/NIST-ITL 2015 (Table 8).

Please submit any feedback or questions you have to biometrics-editor [at] (biometrics-editor[at]nist[dot]gov).

February 28, 2018: ERRATA: This document represents an Errata to the ANSI/NIST ITL-2011 Update 2015.  This errata is the result of the NIEM/XML Working Group collaborations and subsequent recommendations made by the WG.

The new updated version on the ANSI/NIST-ITL Standard,   ANSI/ NIST-ITL 1-2011:Update 2015 is now available.

A list of changes to the standard that were considered/accepted by the editor and voted on by canvassesses, based upon input received from users for the 1-2011 Update:2015 edition. Please provide any input to biometrics-editor [at] (biometrics-editor[at]nist[dot]gov)

There was also a Mobile ID Best Practices Recommendations Kickoff Meeting on October 30, 2014 that discuss changes for creating a new and updated version of the Mobile ID BPR. The BPR has been updated and can be downloaded here .

The ANSI/NIST-ITL standard for 2013:Update is revised. The Forensic Dental and the Forensic and Investigatory Voice Supplements have been approved. They are incorporated into the text of ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2011 Update:2013. Note that this is an extension of the standard and not a whole scale revision.


Standard References (errata, schema, etc)
Conformance Testing
The Canvass Method
Application Profiles
History of the Standard
WSQ Certification Guidelines
WSQ Specification
Profile for 1000ppi Fingerprint Compression
NIST Fingerprint Image Quality (NFIQ)
ANSI/NIST-ITL workshops
ANSI/NIST-ITL working groups
NIEM Biometrics Domain

Created August 30, 2010, Updated February 3, 2023