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NIST Fingerprint Registration and Comparison Tool (NFRaCT)


The NIST Fingerprint Registration and Comparison Tool (NFRaCT) is a cross-platform GUI application which allows a user to load a pair of fingerprint images, find corresponding points in both images, register and crop the images, and finally compute a series of measurements on the registered images as described in NIST Special Publication 500-336.

Download Information

Official binary releases of NFRaCT are available to download for Windows 10, macOS 11.6 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Release 1.2.0:
(MD5: 367164cc7d527894c029ca01c46713a2

(MD5: db4aef7b071be187d8f489e1c0bdb5be)

(MD5: 068debb2e7662b79e4d746f3a171d2ab)

Documentation/Users Guide 

Latest ChangeLog

Quick Start Guide (

NIST Special Publication 500-336, Appendix B

Related Publications

NIST SP500-336

NIST SP500-305

NIST SP500-339

How to Provide Feedback on NFRaCT

The NIST Image Group welcomes all feedback on the NFRaCT software project.

Please send any questions or comments to: fastcap [at] (fastcap[at]nist[dot]gov)

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Created July 26, 2022, Updated January 2, 2024