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Image Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Craig I. Watson Group Leader craig.watson [at] Fed
Evelyse Rodriguez Russo Group Office Manager evelyse.rodriguezrusso [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Bruce Bandini bruce.bandini [at] Fed
Rawan Elshobaky rawan.elshobaky [at] IntlAssoc
Jeremy Emerson Assoc
Gregory Fiumara gregory.fiumara [at] Fed
John Grantham john.grantham [at] Ctr
Patrick J. Grother patrick.grother [at] Fed
Carina Hahn carina.hahn [at] Fed
Carina Hahn carina.hahn [at] Fed
Kayee Hanaoka kayee.hanaoka [at] Fed
Austin Hom austin.hom [at] Fed
Stanley Janet stanley.janet [at] Fed
Kenneth Ko kenneth.ko [at] Fed
John M. Libert john.libert [at] Assoc
Karen Marshall karen.marshall [at] Fed
James Matey james.matey [at] Fed
Lawrence Nadel lawrence.nadel [at] Assoc
Mei Lee Ngan meilee.ngan [at] Fed
Shahram Orandi shahram.orandi [at] Fed
P. Jonathon Phillips jonathon.phillips [at] Fed
George W. Quinn george.w.quinn [at] Fed
Evelyse Rodriguez Russo evelyse.rodriguezrusso [at] Fed
Wayne J. Salamon wayne.salamon [at] Fed
Jennifer Stathakis jennifer.stathakis [at] Fed
Diane Stephens diane.stephens [at] Fed
Craig I. Watson craig.watson [at] Fed
Jin Chu Wu jinchu.wu [at] Assoc
Joyce Yang joyce.yang [at] Fed
Amy Yates amy.yates [at] Fed