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iEdison Organization User Guide


Welcome to the iEdison Contractor Organization User Guide. iEdison allows contractors, grantees, and other recipients of federal funding to comply with the reporting requirements of the Bayh-Dole Act. For additional information on the rights and obligations provided by the Bayh-Dole Act, please refer to the Bayh-Dole statute (35 U.S. Code Chapter 18 - PATENT RIGHTS IN INVENTIONS MADE WITH FEDERAL ASSISTANCE) and its implementing regulations (37 CFR Part 401- RIGHTS TO INVENTIONS MADE BY NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS AND SMALL BUSINESS FIRMS UNDER GOVERNMENT GRANTS, CONTRACTS, AND COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS).  

The Contractor User Guide is for use by contractor/grantee/awardee users and admins to provide a basic understanding of how to complete common tasks in iEdison. You can navigate through this user guide by using the topics and links provided to the left. To expand a topic to see a list of chapters, click the + sign next to each topic.

Nothing in the user guide should be considered legal advice.  No information or data in the user guide shown in screenshots or other illustration represent any actual account, report, record, or individual. Any resemblance to actual accounts, reports, records, or individuals is purely coincidental.

If, after reading the user guide, you have any additional questions regarding how to complete an activity in iEdison or to report a problem with the iEdison system, we encourage you to submit an iEdison Help Desk ticket here.

Created June 10, 2022, Updated August 8, 2022