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Creating a Patent Report

The following steps are required to create a Patent Report:

  1. Generate the Patent Report form through one of three methods:
    1. Open an Invention Report and add a Patent Report.
    2. Create a new Patent Report and link it to an existing Invention Report.
    3. Search for an Invention Record and add a Patent Report from the Result Screen.
  2. Complete applicable fields.
  3. Save the Patent Report.

1. Generate the Patent Report form through one of several methods

There are several ways in which a patent report can be initiated. The three most common options are described below:

a. Open an Invention Report and add a Patent Report (OPTION 1)

Open the invention record you wish to add a patent to, and then click "Add Patent" from the dropdown menu at the top of the window.

Add patent screenshot.

b. Create a new Patent Report and link it to an existing Invention Report (OPTION 2)

Click "Patent" under "Submit Report" in the sidebar.

Sidebar screenshot.

When creating a patent report from the sidebar, you will then be asked to search for the invention record.

Submit patent report screenshot.

When you enter the Invention Report Number, some data will be pulled from the invention record and auto-populate into the appropriate fields.

c. Search for an Invention Record and add a Patent Report from the Result Screen (OPTION 3)

Under "Search/Manage Report" in the sidebar, click "Invention." Conduct a search for the invention you wish to add a patent to. Click "Add Patent" under the Action(s) column on the Invention Search Results panel.

Add patent screenshot.

2. Complete applicable fields

Once you initiate a Patent Report using one of the options described above, a Submit Patent Report form will be generated with data auto-populated from the parent invention (if you initiate the Patent Report using option b above, the data will auto-populate once you enter the corresponding Invention Report Number). Review any auto-populated fields for accuracy and complete any additional fields relevant to your patent.

Submit patent report screenshot.

Fields marked with an asterisk are required, and you will not be able to save the patent record without completing them. Although not required, it is also highly recommended you enter a docket number (the internal tracking number used by your organization for this patent) so you can easily identify the corresponding record in your files.

Description of Select Data Fields

Below is a discussion regarding certain major data fields in the Patent Record. For a complete discussion of available data fields, please review the Field Definitions.

Patent Title & Type of Patent Application

You must enter a title for the patent under "Patent Title" and select the type of patent from the dropdown menu under "Type of Patent Application." Options include:

  • CIP (Continuation In-Part)
  • CON (Continuation)
  • DIV (Divisional)
  • ORD/UTIL (Ordinary Utility)
  • PROV (Provisional)
  • PVP (Plant Variety Protection)
  • PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty Application)
Submit patent report screeshot.

Once you select the appropriate application type, additional related fields will appear for the appropriate required application filing information (such as application number and filing date).

Submit patent report screenshot.

USPTO Integration

iEdison is integrated with the USPTO database. If the patent number you enter is published by the USPTO, the information from that record will auto-populate into iEdison. If this happens, check to ensure the information is accurate.

Inventors and Funding

Existing inventors and funding agreements will be auto-populated from the invention record (However, once your patent application is published, the inventors may be auto-populated from the USPTO database, overriding what is in the iEdison system).

If you need to add a funding agreement, you must do so by accessing the Invention Record. Funding agreements cannot be edited in individual patent records.

If additional inventors need to be added, click the "Add Inventor" button. A popup window will require you to add the inventor's name. If an inventor is a federal employee, indicate so by answering "Yes" to "Is the Inventor a US Federal Employee?" question and indicate the agency which employees that inventor from the dropdown menu provided.

Add inventor screenshot.

The inventor will be added to the patent when you click the "Save" button on the popup window. Even if the Patent Report is not saved, the inventor will remain added to the patent.

Foreign Filings

If a patent has been filed with a foreign country, report it by clicking the "Add Foreign Filing" button. A popup window will require you to select the country from a dropdown menu, indicate if the patent is active or abandoned, and enter the date the patent was filed.

Add patent foreign filing screenshot.

Click "Add Foreign Filing" to attach the foreign filing to the Patent Report.

Repeat this process for each foreign filing you need to report.

3. Saving the Patent Report

To save the Patent Report, click the "Save Patent Report" button at the upper-right corner of the window. Click "Confirm." A popup window will confirm the Patent Report was saved successfully.

Submit patent screenshot.
Created February 14, 2022, Updated June 26, 2022