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Patent Reports

Under Bayh-Dole, a patent application or "application for a patent" includes "a provisional or nonprovisional U.S. national application for patent as defined in 37 CFR 1.9 (a)(2) and (a)(3), respectively, or an application for patent in a foreign country or in an international patent office." (37 CFR 401.2(m)). Plant Variety Protection applications/certificates should also be entered in iEdison as patents.

Each patent filed for a subject invention should be entered into iEdison under the corresponding Invention Report.  If you do not have an Invention Report in iEdison for the subject invention covered by your patent/patent application, then you must first report the subject invention as an Invention Report in iEdison before you can report your patent/patent application.  

The chapters in this section will explain how to report a patent and complete certain actions within an iEdison Patent Report.  

Created June 26, 2022, Updated July 24, 2022