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Linking Parent-Child Patents

There are two ways to link parent/child patents:

Method 1: Click the “Add Parent Patent” button from the dropdown button.


Method 2: Modify and link records from the Invention/Patent Utilization Tree.

Method 1. Click the "Add Parent Patent" button

If a patent is the child of an existing patent, you may assign its parent by clicking the "Add Parent Patent" button at the bottom of the "Patent Details" panel.

Add parent patent screenshot.

This will open a popup window asking you to select the parent patent. Only patents associated with the same invention may be linked. To assign a parent patent, click the checkmark beside the patent record. The patent will be added to the record as a parent. You may click multiple patents to have them added as parents.

Search parent patent screenshot.

To remove a parent patent, click the X in the "Action" column.

Patent report screenshot.

Method 2. Modify the Invention/Patent/Utilization Tree

Patent relationships can also be managed using the Invention/Patent/Utilization tree. This tool visually displays your invention, patents, and utilizations, allowing you to define their relationship by clicking and dragging the connected branches.

Invention tree screenshot.
Created March 3, 2022, Updated June 26, 2022