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Creating an Invention Report

The following steps are required to create an Invention Report:

  1. Generate an Invention Report form.
  2. Provide the invention information.
  3. Submit the Invention Report.

1. Generate an Invention Report form

Navigate to the sidebar, and under Submit Report, click "Invention."

Sidebar screenshot.

Your organization information will automatically appear in the main window.

Invention report screenshot.

2. Provide the invention information

Fill out all relevant fields. Fields marked with an asterisk(*) are required. For additional information on the meaning of each field, see the Field Definitions.

Invention Details

Invention details screenshot.
  • Invention Title *
  • Invention Docket Number (this is highly recommended to allow you to easily track your inventions)
  • DOE S Number (this number will be assigned for DOE-funded inventions after your invention has been submitted and reviewed by DOE)
  • Parent Invention Number
  • Date Invention Reported to Institution * (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • First Publication/Sale/Public Use Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Invention Keyword(s)

Inventors and Funding

Inventors and funding screenshot.
  • Inventors *

    To add an inventor, click the "Add Inventor" button. A popup window will open asking you to enter the inventor's name. If the inventor is already in the system, their name will auto-populate. Indicate if they are a federal employee, and if so, select the agency.

    Add inventor screenshot.
  • Funding Agreements *

    Click the "Add Funding Agreement" button. A popup window will open requiring you to enter the agency name and the grant/contract number. You may designate the agency as your Primary Agency by clicking the switch under "Designate as Primary Agency." If only one agency is listed, it must be designated as the Primary Agency. You may also select the award type and agreement type from the dropdown menus.

Add funding agreement screenshot.
  • After adding the funding agreement information, click save and then select which version of the Bayh-Dole act the funding agreement falls under. Most funding agreements will fall under the 2018 version of the act, but some may still fall under the 1980 version.

  • Subcontracts

    If any of the funding agreements listed were prime agreements which were then awarded as subawards, click the "Add Subcontract" button. A popup window will require you to enter the subcontract number. You may also enter the prime contractor's name, DUNS, and location.

    Add subcontract screenshot.
  • Indicate if any of the funding agreements listed are subject to a determination of exceptional circumstances.

Supporting Documents

  • Invention Disclosure *

    Click the "Upload" button to select the invention disclosure file from your device.

    Important: To appropriately protect the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of your staff/personnel, you should review your submissions and redact information as appropriate before submitting information to iEdison.

    Supporting document upload screenshot.

Explanatory Notes

Click the "Add Explanatory Note" button to attach a note to the record. The note will be visible to both the agency and organization, and it cannot be deleted. Notes will not initiate any action by the primary funding agency. For conversations with the agency, navigate to the sidebar and click "Invention Discussion" under "Communications."

3. Submit the Invention Report

Once you have completed all required and applicable fields and checked for accuracy, click the "Submit Invention Report" button at the top of the screen. A notification window will appear verifying the report was submitted successfully, and you will be taken to the report details page.

Created January 27, 2022, Updated August 17, 2022