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Getting Started

In order to access the iEdison system, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Your organization has enrolled in iEdison
  2. You have an individual account with access to that organization's records
  3. You have a account under the same email address that is listed in your individual iEdison account

The chapters in this section will explain how to request that organization be enrolled in iEdison, how your organization's account administrator obtains their individual account, how the administrator can send out invites to new users for your organization, how you obtain a account, and how you login to the system once all of the requirements are met.  

After you have successfully logged in, the remaining chapters in this section will review how to navigate the iEdison system, explaining the features on your iEdison Dashboard (which is the first screen you see upon login) as well as the Sidebar Main Menu to help you complete actions within iEdison.

To start:

  1. Do you have a account under the email address that you use or intend to use for your iEdison account?

    1. If yes, go to #2
    2. If no, create a account with the email address that you use or intend to use for your iEdison account
    3. If you have an iEdison account, but under a different email address than the one you use or intend to use for your iEdison account, have your org admin edit the email address in your profile to match or create a new account with your iEdison account’s email address
  2. Is your organization registered with iEdison?

    1. If yes, go to #3
    2. If no, you will need to submit a request to register the organization with iEdison. During registration, who did you list as the iEdison administrator?
      1. If you listed yourself as the administrator for your organization, you will receive an invitation via email to join iEdison upon approval of your organization. Follow the instructions in this email to set up your iEdison account.
      2. If you listed someone else as the administrator, ask the administrator to send you an invitation under the organization/agency.
    3. If you don’t know, send an email to iedison [at] (iedison[at]nist[dot]gov) to ask if your organization has an account
  3. Do you have an individual account (either admin or user) under that organization account using the same email address as your account?

    1. If yes, you should be able to login to iEdison
    2. If no, do you know who your organization administrator is?
      1. If yes, ask them to send you an invitation under your organization. If they need instructions see Creating Individual Organization Accounts
      2. If no, send an email to iedison [at] (iedison[at]nist[dot]gov) to ask who your administrator is


Login flow chart.
Created June 26, 2022, Updated July 29, 2022