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Computer Security Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Patrick D. O'Reilly Division Safety Representative patrick.oreilly [at] Fed
Matthew Scholl Division Chief matthew.scholl [at] Fed
Jon M. Boyens Deputy Division Chief jon.boyens [at] Fed
Diane Honeycutt Division Secretary diane.honeycutt [at] Fed

Cryptographic Technology Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Andrew Regenscheid Group Leader andrew.regenscheid [at] Fed
Zuzana Bajcsy Group Secretary zuzana.bajcsy [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Gorjan Alagic gorjan.alagic [at] Assoc
Zuzana Bajcsy zuzana.bajcsy [at] Fed
Elaine B. Barker elaine.barker [at] Fed
Luis Brandao luis.brandao [at] IntlAssoc
Maxime Bros maxime.bros [at] IntlAssoc
Donghoon Chang donghoon.chang [at] Assoc
Yu Long Chen yulong.chen [at] IntlAssoc
David Cooper david.cooper [at] Fed
Quynh Dang quynh.dang [at] Fed
Thinh Dang thinh.dang [at] Fed
Michael Davidson michael.davidson [at] Fed
Morris J. Dworkin morris.dworkin [at] Fed
Jinkeon Kang jinkeon.kang [at] IntlAssoc
John M. Kelsey john.kelsey [at] Fed
Sara J. Kerman sara.kerman [at] Fed
Jacob Lichtinger jacob.lichtinger [at] Fed
Kerry McKay kerry.mckay [at] Fed
Carl A. Miller carl.miller [at] Fed
Dustin Moody dustin.moody [at] Fed
Nicky Mouha nicky.mouha [at] Assoc
Rene Peralta rene.peralta [at] Fed
Ray Perlner ray.perlner [at] Fed
Andrew Regenscheid andrew.regenscheid [at] Fed
Angela Robinson angela.robinson [at] Fed
Yu Sasaki yu.sasaki [at] IntlAssoc
Hamilton Silberg hamilton.silberg [at] Fed
Daniel Smith-Tone daniel.smith [at] Fed
Meltem Sonmez Turan meltem.turan [at] Fed
Alyssa Thompson alyssa.thompson [at] Fed
Noah Waller noah.waller [at] Fed

Security Components and Mechanisms Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Sanjay (Jay) Rekhi Group Leader sanjay.rekhi [at] Fed
Nanita Yeboah Group Secretary nanita.yeboah [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Abir Akib IntlAssoc
Kostas Amberiadis kostas.amberiadis [at] Fed
Cedric Bell cedric.bell [at] IntlAssoc
Harold Booth harold.booth [at] Fed
Dmitry Cousin dmitry.cousin [at] Fed
Sheldon Douglas sheldon.douglas [at] Fed
Hildegard Ferraiolo hildegard.ferraiolo [at] Fed
Yang Guo yang.guo [at] Fed
Arminta Jenkins arminta.jenkins [at] Fed
Honglan Jin honglan.jin [at] Fed
D. Richard Kuhn d.kuhn [at] Fed
Peter Mell peter.mell [at] Fed
Alexander Nelson alexander.nelson [at] Fed
Megan Olsen Assoc
M S Raunak ms.raunak [at] Fed
Sanjay (Jay) Rekhi sanjay.rekhi [at] Fed
Kim B. Schaffer kim.schaffer [at] Fed
James Shook james.shook [at] Fed
Anoop Singhal anoop.singhal [at] Fed
A.J. Stein alexander.stein [at] Fed
William Sussman william.sussman [at] Fed
Eric Trapnell eric.trapnell [at] Fed
Mark Trapnell mark.trapnell [at] Fed
Weichen Wong Ctr
Dylan Yaga dylan.yaga [at] Fed
Nanita Yeboah nanita.yeboah [at] Fed

Security Test, Validation and Measurement Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Timothy A. Hall Group Leader timothy.hall [at] Fed
Diane Honeycutt Group Secretary (Acting) diane.honeycutt [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Srividya Ananthakrishna srividya.ananthakrishna [at] Fed
Jason Arnold jason.arnold [at] Ctr
Sunil Bhaskarla sunil.bhaskarla [at] Fed
Tanya Brewer tanya.brewer [at] Fed
Joel Brockman joel.brockman [at] Assoc
Robert Byers robert.byers [at] Fed
Alexander Calis alexander.calis [at] Fed
Christopher Celi christopher.celi [at] Fed
John Paul Chalpin johnpaul.chalpin [at] Ctr
David Chodnicki david.chodnicki [at] Assoc
Pierre Ciadoux pierre.ciadoux [at] IntlAssoc
Cecil Dildine cecil.dildine [at] Assoc
Savannah Elliott savannah.elliott [at] Ctr
Sarbari Gupta Assoc
Timothy A. Hall timothy.hall [at] Fed
Russell Hammett russell.hammett [at] Assoc
James Hanson james.hanson [at] Ctr
Munawar Hasan munawar.hasan [at] IntlAssoc
David Hawes david.hawes [at] Fed
Janet Jing janet.jing [at] Fed
Benjamin R. Livelsberger benjamin.livelsberger [at] Fed
Kirk Lurie kirk.lurie [at] Ctr
Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis [at] Ctr
Michael Nieles michael.nieles [at] Fed
Gavin W. O'Brien gavin.obrien [at] Fed
Alina Oprea alina.oprea [at] Fed
Michael Palmisano michael.palmisano [at] Assoc
Zachary Pittinger zachary.pittinger [at] Ctr
Dragos Prisaca dragos.prisaca [at] Fed
Christine Richards christine.richards [at] Fed
Bryant Richardson bryant.richardson [at] Assoc
Justin Richer Ctr
Caroline Scace caroline.scace [at] Fed
Karen Scarfone karen.scarfone [at] Ctr
Shane Shaffer shane.shaffer [at] Assoc
Scott Stankus robert.stankus [at] Fed
Robert Staples [at] Fed
Fredric Tillman Assoc
Todd Tolson todd.tolson [at] Assoc
Beverly Trapnell beverly.trapnell [at] Fed
Christopher Turner christopher.turner [at] Fed
Apostol Vassilev apostol.vassilev [at] Fed
Charles Wergin charles.wergin [at] Assoc
Gregory Witte greg.witte [at] Assoc

Secure Systems and Applications Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
David Ferraiolo Group Leader david.ferraiolo [at] Fed
Cristina Ritfeld Group Secretary (Acting) oana.ritfeld [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Ramaswamy Chandramouli ramaswamy.chandramouli [at] Fed
Sylvain Chantreau sylvain.chantreau [at] IntlAssoc
Sofian Chouder sofian.chouder [at] IntlAssoc
Joanna DeFranco joanna.defranco [at] Fed
David Ferraiolo david.ferraiolo [at] Fed
Salvatore Francomacaro salvatore.francomacaro [at] Fed
Ned Goren nedim.goren [at] Fed
Vincent C. Hu [at] Fed
Michaela Iorga michaela.iorga [at] Fed
Gopi Katwala gopi.katwala [at] Fed
Nicole Keller nicole.keller [at] Fed
Phillip Laplante phillip.laplante [at] Fed
Ketan Mehta ketan.mehta [at] Fed
Marilyn Nguyen marilyn.nguyen [at] Fed
Wendell Piez wendell.piez [at] Fed
Stephen Quinn stephen.quinn [at] Fed
Alexander Rasin alexander.rasin [at] Fed
Gramm Richardson gramm.richardson [at] Fed
Joshua Roberts joshua.roberts [at] Fed
Jeff Voas jeff.voas [at] Fed
Selena Xiao selena.xiao [at] Fed

Security Engineering and Risk Management Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Victoria Yan Pillitteri Group Leader victoria.pillitteri [at] Fed
Cristina Ritfeld Group Office Manager oana.ritfeld [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Michael Bartock michael.bartock [at] Fed
Jeffrey Brewer jeffrey.brewer [at] Fed
Laura Calloway laura.calloway [at] Fed
James Foti james.foti [at] Fed
Jeremy Licata jeremy.licata [at] Fed
Christian Nickel christian.nickel [at] Fed
Patrick D. O'Reilly patrick.oreilly [at] Fed
Victoria Yan Pillitteri victoria.pillitteri [at] Fed
Cristina Ritfeld oana.ritfeld [at] Fed
Derek Sappington derek.sappington [at] Fed
Katherine Schroeder katherine.schroeder [at] Fed
Eduardo Takamura eduardo.takamura [at] Fed
Hung Trinh hung.trinh [at] Fed
Isabel Van Wyk isabel.vanwyk [at] Fed
Scott Wilson gary.wilson [at] Ctr

Computer Security - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Jon M. Boyens jon.boyens [at] Fed
Lily Chen lily.chen [at] Fed
Katya Delak katya.delak [at] Fed
Tim Grance grance [at] Fed
Diane Honeycutt diane.honeycutt [at] Fed
Dowon Kim [at] IntlAssoc
Suzanne Lightman suzanne.lightman [at] Fed
Rebecca McWhite rebecca.mcwhite [at] Fed
Ronald S. Ross ronald.ross [at] Fed
Matthew Scholl matthew.scholl [at] Fed
Murugiah Souppaya murugiah.souppaya [at] Fed