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Angela Robinson (Fed)


Digital Signature Standard (DSS)

Lily Chen, Dustin Moody, Andrew Regenscheid, Angela Robinson
This standard specifies a suite of algorithms that can be used to generate a digital signature. Digital signatures are used to detect unauthorized modifications

Cryptographic Standards in a Post-Quantum Era

Dustin Moody, Angela Robinson
If large-scale quantum computers are ever built, they will compromise the security of many commonly used cryptographic algorithms. In response, the National

Status Report on the Third Round of the NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Process

Gorjan Alagic, Daniel Apon, David Cooper, Quynh Dang, Thinh Dang, John M. Kelsey, Jacob Lichtinger, Yi-Kai Liu, Carl A. Miller, Dustin Moody, Rene Peralta, Ray Perlner, Angela Robinson, Daniel Smith-Tone
The National Institute of Standards and Technology is in the process of selecting public-key cryptographic algorithms through a public, competition-like process

A Study of Error Floor Behavior in QC-MDPC Codes

Sarah Arpin, Tyler Billingsley, Daniel Hast, Jun Bo Lao, Ray Perlner, Angela Robinson
We present experimental findings on the decoding failure rate (DFR) of BIKE, a third-round candidate in the NIST Post-Quantum Standardization process, at the 20
Created June 20, 2019, Updated December 9, 2022