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Security Components and Mechanisms Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Sanjay (Jay) Rekhi Group Leader sanjay.rekhi [at] Fed
Nanita Yeboah Group Secretary nanita.yeboah [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Abir Akib IntlAssoc
Kostas Amberiadis kostas.amberiadis [at] Fed
Cedric Bell cedric.bell [at] IntlAssoc
Harold Booth harold.booth [at] Fed
Dmitry Cousin dmitry.cousin [at] Fed
Sheldon Douglas sheldon.douglas [at] Fed
Francis Durso francis.durso [at] Assoc
Hildegard Ferraiolo hildegard.ferraiolo [at] Fed
Yang Guo yang.guo [at] Fed
Arminta Jenkins arminta.jenkins [at] Fed
Honglan Jin honglan.jin [at] Fed
D. Richard Kuhn d.kuhn [at] Fed
Peter Mell peter.mell [at] Fed
Alexander Nelson alexander.nelson [at] Fed
Megan Olsen Assoc
M S Raunak ms.raunak [at] Fed
Sanjay (Jay) Rekhi sanjay.rekhi [at] Fed
James Shook james.shook [at] Fed
Anoop Singhal anoop.singhal [at] Fed
A.J. Stein alexander.stein [at] Fed
William Sussman william.sussman [at] Fed
Eric Trapnell eric.trapnell [at] Fed
Mark Trapnell mark.trapnell [at] Fed
Apostol Vassilev apostol.vassilev [at] Fed
Weichen Wong Ctr
Dylan Yaga dylan.yaga [at] Fed
Nanita Yeboah nanita.yeboah [at] Fed