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Apostol Vassilev (Fed)

Research Supervisor

Non-NIST Publications:

1. Adaptive techniques for time-dependent problems, Ewing,  Lazarov, and Vassilev, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Volume 101, Issues 1–3, pp 113-126, 1992, doi:

2. Finite Difference Scheme for Parabolic Problems on Composite Grids with Refinement in Time and Space, Ewing,  Lazarov, and Vassilev, SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, vol 31, issue 6, pp. 1605-1622, 1994, doi: 

3. Analysis of the Inexact Uzawa Algorithm for Saddle Point Problems, Bramble, Pasciak and Vassilev, SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, vol.34, Issue 3, pp. 1072-1092, 1997. doi:

4. Analysis of non-overlapping domain decomposition algorithms with inexact solves, Bramble, Pasciak and Vassilev, Mathematics of Computation. 67 (1998), pp. 1-19, doi:

5. Uzawa type algorithms for nonsymmetric saddle point problems, Bramble, Pasciak and Vassilev, Mathematics of Computation. 69 (2000), pp. 667-689. doi:

6. Automatic non-artificially extended fault surface based horizon modeling system, KE Graf, AT Vassilev - US Patent 6,138,076 (2000)

7. Automatic non-artificially extended fault surface based horizon modeling system, Part II, KE Graf, AT Vassilev - US Patent 6,014,343 (2000)

8. Method for secure delegation of trust from a security device to a host computer application for enabling secure access to a resource on the web, A Vassilev, K Sachdeva - US Patent 7,565,536 (2009)

9. Automated system for modeling faulted multi-valued horizons, AT Vassilev - US Patent 7,424,415 (2008)

10. Personal brokerage of web service access, AT Vassilev, B du Castel, AM Ali - IEEE Security & Privacy ( Volume: 5, Issue 5), pp. 24-31, 2007, doi: 10.1109/MSP.2007.118


Standards and Performance Metrics for On-Road Automated Vehicles

Craig I. Schlenoff, Zeid Kootbally, Prem Rachakonda, Suzanne Lightman, Apostol Vassilev, David A. Wollman, Edward Griffor
On September 5–8, 2023, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) held the second Standards and Performance Metrics for On‐Road Automated
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022