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Leveraging Side-channel Information for Disassembly and Security

JUNGMIN Park, Fahim Rahman, Apostol T. Vassilev, Domenic Forte, Mark Tehranipoor
With the rise of Internet of Things (IoT), devices such as smartphones, embedded medical devices, smart home appliances as well as traditional computing

Electronics Supply Chain Integrity Enabled by Blockchain

Xiaolin Xu, Fahim Rahman, Bicky Shakya, Apostol T. Vassilev, Domenic Forte, Mark Tehranipoor
Electronic systems are ubiquitous today, playing an irreplaceable role in our personal lives as well as in critical infrastructures such as power grid

Threshold Schemes for Cryptographic Primitives

Luis T. A. N. Brandao, Nicky W. Mouha, Apostol T. Vassilev
The Computer Security Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology is interested in promoting the security of implementations of cryptographic

Automated Cryptographic Validation (ACV) Testing

Apostol T. Vassilev, Larry Feldman, Gregory A. Witte
This bulletin summarizes the NIST Automated Cryptographic Validation (ACV) Testing project. NIST selects and standardizes cryptographic algorithms as NIST

Psst, Can you Keep a Secret?

Apostol T. Vassilev, Nicky W. Mouha, Luis T. A. N. Brandao
The security of encrypted data depends not only on the theoretical properties of cryptographic primitives but also on the robustness of their implementations in

Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP)

Apostol T. Vassilev, Larry Feldman, Gregory A. Witte
The Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP) validates cryptographic modules for compliance with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS)

The Importance of Entropy to Information Security

Apostol T. Vassilev, Timothy Hall
The strength of cryptographic keys is an active challenge in academic research and industrial practice. In this paper we discuss the entropy as fundamentally