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Morris J. Dworkin (Fed)

Computer Scientist


  • AES


  • Block Ciphers

  • Cryptanalysis
  • Algebraic Combinatorics

Professional Publications:

  • E. Roback and M. Dworkin, First Advanced Encryption Standard Candidate Conference, to appear in NIST Journal of Research.
  • M. Dworkin, An Interpretation for Garsia and Remmel’s q-Hit Numbers, Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, 81 (1998), 149-175.
  • M. Dworkin, Factorization of the Cover Polynomial, Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B, 71 (1997), 17-53.

Selected Publications


Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

Morris J. Dworkin
In 2000, NIST announced the selection of the Rijndael block cipher family as the winner of theAdvanced Encryption Standard (AES) competition. Three members of

Review of the Advanced Encryption Standard

Nicky Mouha, Morris Dworkin
The field of cryptography continues to advance at a very rapid pace, leading to new insights that may impact the security properties of cryptographic algorithms

Recommendation for Stateful Hash-Based Signature Schemes

David Cooper, Daniel Apon, Quynh H. Dang, Michael S. Davidson, Morris Dworkin, Carl Miller
This recommendation specifies two algorithms that can be used to generate a digital signature, both of which are stateful hash-based signature schemes: the

Searching for best Karatsuba recurrences

Cagdas Calik, Morris Dworkin, Nathan Dykas, Rene Peralta
Efficient circuits for multiplication of binary polynomials use what are known as Karatsuba recurrences. These methods divide the polynomials of size kn into k
Created July 30, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022