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Daniel Smith-Tone


Practical Cryptanalysis of k-ary C*

Daniel C. Smith-Tone
Recently, an article by Felke appeared in Cryptography and Communications discussing the security of biquadratic $C^*$ and a further generalization, k-ary $C^*$

Status Report on the First Round of the NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Process

Gorjan Alagic, Jacob M. Alperin-Sheriff, Daniel C. Apon, David A. Cooper, Quynh H. Dang, Carl A. Miller, Dustin Moody, Rene C. Peralta, Ray A. Perlner, Angela Y. Robinson, Daniel C. Smith-Tone, Yi-Kai Liu
The National Institute of Standards and Technology is in the process of selecting one or more public-key cryptographic algorithms through a public competition

HFERP -- A New Multivariate Encryption Scheme

Yashuhiko Ikematsu, Ray A. Perlner, Daniel C. Smith-Tone, Tsuyoshi Takagi, Jeremy Vates
In 2016, Yasuda et al.~presented a new multivariate encryption technique based on the Square and Rainbow primitives and utilizing the plus modifier that they

Improved Cryptanalysis of HFEv- via Projection

Jintai Ding, Ray A. Perlner, Albrecht R. Petzoldt, Daniel C. Smith-Tone
The HFEv- signature scheme is one of the most studied multivariate schemes and one of the major candidates for the upcoming standardization of post-quantum
Created May 7, 2019