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Security Test, Validation and Measurement Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Timothy A. Hall Group Leader timothy.hall [at] Fed
Diane Honeycutt Group Secretary (Acting) diane.honeycutt [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Srividya Ananthakrishna srividya.ananthakrishna [at] Fed
Jason Arnold jason.arnold [at] Ctr
Sunil Bhaskarla sunil.bhaskarla [at] Fed
Tanya Brewer tanya.brewer [at] Fed
Joel Brockman joel.brockman [at] Assoc
Robert Byers robert.byers [at] Fed
Alexander Calis alexander.calis [at] Fed
Christopher Celi christopher.celi [at] Fed
John Paul Chalpin johnpaul.chalpin [at] Ctr
David Chodnicki david.chodnicki [at] Assoc
Pierre Ciadoux pierre.ciadoux [at] IntlAssoc
Cecil Dildine cecil.dildine [at] Assoc
Savannah Elliott savannah.elliott [at] Ctr
Sarbari Gupta Assoc
Timothy A. Hall timothy.hall [at] Fed
James Hanson james.hanson [at] Ctr
Munawar Hasan munawar.hasan [at] IntlAssoc
David Hawes david.hawes [at] Fed
Janet Jing janet.jing [at] Fed
David Jung david.jung [at] Assoc
Benjamin R. Livelsberger benjamin.livelsberger [at] Fed
Kirk Lurie kirk.lurie [at] Ctr
Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis [at] Ctr
Michael Nieles michael.nieles [at] Fed
Gavin W. O'Brien gavin.obrien [at] Fed
Alina Oprea alina.oprea [at] Fed
Zachary Pittinger zachary.pittinger [at] Ctr
Dragos Prisaca dragos.prisaca [at] Fed
Christine Richards christine.richards [at] Fed
Bryant Richardson bryant.richardson [at] Assoc
Justin Richer Ctr
Caroline Scace caroline.scace [at] Fed
Karen Scarfone karen.scarfone [at] Ctr
Shane Shaffer shane.shaffer [at] Assoc
Scott Stankus robert.stankus [at] Fed
Robert Staples [at] Fed
Fredric Tillman Assoc
Todd Tolson todd.tolson [at] Assoc
Beverly Trapnell beverly.trapnell [at] Fed
Christopher Turner christopher.turner [at] Fed
Gregory Witte greg.witte [at] Assoc