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Cryptographic Technology Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Andrew Regenscheid Group Leader andrew.regenscheid [at] Fed
Zuzana Bajcsy Group Secretary zuzana.bajcsy [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Gorjan Alagic gorjan.alagic [at] Assoc
Zuzana Bajcsy zuzana.bajcsy [at] Fed
Elaine B. Barker elaine.barker [at] Fed
Luis Brandao luis.brandao [at] IntlAssoc
Maxime Bros maxime.bros [at] IntlAssoc
Donghoon Chang donghoon.chang [at] Assoc
Yu Long Chen yulong.chen [at] IntlAssoc
David Cooper david.cooper [at] Fed
Quynh Dang quynh.dang [at] Fed
Thinh Dang thinh.dang [at] Fed
Michael Davidson michael.davidson [at] Fed
Morris J. Dworkin morris.dworkin [at] Fed
Jinkeon Kang jinkeon.kang [at] IntlAssoc
John M. Kelsey john.kelsey [at] Fed
Sara J. Kerman sara.kerman [at] Fed
Jacob Lichtinger jacob.lichtinger [at] Fed
Kerry McKay kerry.mckay [at] Fed
Carl A. Miller carl.miller [at] Fed
Dustin Moody dustin.moody [at] Fed
Nicky Mouha nicky.mouha [at] Assoc
Rene Peralta rene.peralta [at] Fed
Ray Perlner ray.perlner [at] Fed
Andrew Regenscheid andrew.regenscheid [at] Fed
Angela Robinson angela.robinson [at] Fed
Yu Sasaki yu.sasaki [at] IntlAssoc
Hamilton Silberg hamilton.silberg [at] Fed
Daniel Smith-Tone daniel.smith [at] Fed
Meltem Sonmez Turan meltem.turan [at] Fed
Alyssa Thompson alyssa.thompson [at] Fed
Noah Waller noah.waller [at] Fed