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Elaine B. Barker (Fed)


Current Projects:

  • Key Management
  • Random Number Generation
  • ANSI X9F1 standards activities

Past Projects:

  • AES and Digital Signatures
  • ANSI X9F1 and X9F3/E9 standards
  • Key Recovery Demonstration Project
  • Key Escrow
  • FIPS 140-1 development
  • Treasury Electronic Certification System
  • ANSI X12 security standards
  • MAC Validation System
  • Key Management Validation System

Selected Publications


Guide to IPsec VPNs

Elaine B. Barker, Quynh H. Dang, Sheila E. Frankel, Karen Scarfone, Paul Wouters
Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) is a widely used network layer security control for protecting communications. IPsec is a framework of open standards for

Recommendation for Cryptographic Key Generation

Elaine B. Barker, Allen L. Roginsky, Richard Davis
Cryptography is often used in an information technology security environment to protect data that is sensitive, has a high value, or is vulnerable to
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022