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Secure Systems and Applications Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
David Ferraiolo Group Leader david.ferraiolo [at] Fed
Cristina Ritfeld Group Secretary (Acting) oana.ritfeld [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Ramaswamy Chandramouli ramaswamy.chandramouli [at] Fed
Sylvain Chantreau sylvain.chantreau [at] IntlAssoc
Sofian Chouder sofian.chouder [at] IntlAssoc
Joanna DeFranco joanna.defranco [at] Fed
David Ferraiolo david.ferraiolo [at] Fed
Salvatore Francomacaro salvatore.francomacaro [at] Fed
Ned Goren nedim.goren [at] Fed
Vincent C. Hu [at] Fed
Michaela Iorga michaela.iorga [at] Fed
Gopi Katwala gopi.katwala [at] Fed
Nicole Keller nicole.keller [at] Fed
Phillip Laplante phillip.laplante [at] Fed
Ketan Mehta ketan.mehta [at] Fed
Marilyn Nguyen marilyn.nguyen [at] Fed
Wendell Piez wendell.piez [at] Fed
Stephen Quinn stephen.quinn [at] Fed
Alexander Rasin alexander.rasin [at] Fed
Gramm Richardson gramm.richardson [at] Fed
Joshua Roberts joshua.roberts [at] Fed
Jeff Voas jeff.voas [at] Fed
Selena Xiao selena.xiao [at] Fed