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NRC Postdoctoral Opportunities in the Nanoscale Device Characterization Division

The National Research Council (NRC) operates Research Associateship Programs in cooperation with a number of sponsoring federal laboratories and research organizations. For NIST, the NRC Research Associate Program consists of a national competition in which outstanding scientists and engineers with recent PhDs are awarded postdoctoral fellowships. Opportunities exist through this program to work on cutting edge research with leading scientists in laboratories across NIST.

Program Information for NIST | NRC RAP Home Page


List of NRC Postdoctoral Opportunities in the Nanoscale Device Characterization Division




50.68.31.C0375 NIST

Accurately Establishing Uncertainties from Artificial Intelligence

Bryan Barnes

50.68.31.B8479 NIST

Actinic Optical Dimensional Characterization of Deep-Subwavelength Nanostructures

Bryan Barnes

50.68.31.B8528 NIST

Advanced Electronic Structure Measurements of Novel Materials and Devices

Sujitra Pookpanratana

50.68.31.C0059 NIST

Advanced New Memory Devices

Charles Cheung

50.68.31.B8024 NIST

Atom-based Silicon Quantum Electronics for Quantum Computing and Analog Quantum Simulation

Richard Silver

50.68.41.B5919 NIST

Atom-based Solid-state Quantum Devices and Simulators

Garnett Bryant

50.68.03.B4069 NIST

Atomic Scale Characterization and Manipulation

Joseph Stroscio

50.68.31.C0451 NIST

Counting Single Photons and Single Electrons Together for Metrology and Quantum Information

Neil Zimmerman

50.68.03.C0285 NIST

Devices, Circuits and Architectures for Neuromorphic Computing

Jabez McClelland, Mark Stiles

50.68.03.B8513 NIST

Electron Spectroscopy and Microscopy in Liquids and Gases

Andrei Kolmakov

50.68.31.B6812 NIST

Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules

Angela Hight Walker

50.68.31.B8247 NIST

Enriched Silicon Quantum Devices

Joshua Pomeroy

50.68.31.B8456 NIST

Femtosecond Time-Resolved Measurements in Semiconductor Materials

Edwin Heilweil, Angela Hight Walker

50.68.03.C0334 NIST

Femtosecond Time-resolved Optical Measurements in Condensed Matter

Jared Wahlstrand

50.68.31.B6418 NIST

Functionalizing Semiconductor Surfaces

Christina Hacker

50.68.31.B8259 NIST

High Frequency Electrical Metrology for Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuits

Yaw Obeng

50.68.03.B8512 NIST

In Situ SEM-Raman Spectromicroscopy of Working Devices and Active Interfaces under Realistic Conditions: in Liquids and Gases

Andrei Kolmakov

50.68.31.B4752 NIST

Interface Engineering: Using Surface Chemistry to Impart Desired Properties

Christina Hacker

50.68.03.B8134 NIST

Measurements for Resistive Switching Devices

Andrea Centrone, Jabez McClelland, Nikolai Zhitenev

50.68.03.B8196 NIST


Robert McMichael

50.68.31.B6811 NIST

Nanoparticle Engineering, Production, Assembly, and Characterization

Angela Hight Walker

50.68.03.B8041 NIST

Nanoscale Infrared Spectroscopy (AFM-IR, PTIR) Advances and Applications

Andrea Centrone

50.68.03.C0427 NIST

Nanoscale Spectroscopy (AFM-IR, PTIR, STML) for Strongly Correlated Materials at Cryogenic Temperatures

Andrea Centrone

50.68.31.C0060 NIST

New Electron-Spin-Resonance Method for New Applications

Charles Cheung

50.68.31.C0448 NIST

Organic and Thin Film Electronics

David Gundlach

50.68.03.B7674 NIST Precision Materials for Quantum Devices Joshua Pomeroy

50.68.31.B8390 NIST

Physical, Chemical, and Biological Studies using Spin Resonance

Jason Campbell, Jason Ryan

50.68.31.B7002 NIST

Quantum Information Applications of Si Single Electron Tunneling Devices

Neil Zimmerman

50.68.31.B6810 NIST

Raman Spectroscopy of Carbon Nanostructures

Angela Hight Walker

50.68.03.C0305 NIST

Relating Physics to Performance in Organic Electronic Devices

Emily Bittle

50.68.31.B1498 NIST

Scanning Probe Metrology

Joseph Kopanski

50.68.31.B8478 NIST

Single Electron Devices for Quantum Information and Metrology in Silicon

Michael Stewart

50.68.31.B8389 NIST

Solid-State Device Reliability and Resiliency

Jason Campbell, Jason Ryan

50.68.03.B8034 NIST

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Paul Haney

50.68.03.B1737 NIST

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Mark Stiles

50.68.03.C0419 NIST

Two-Dimensional (2-D) Heterostructure Devices and Twisted Systems

Curt Richter, Nikolai Zhitenev

50.68.31.B7877 NIST

Ultrafast Condensed-Phase Dynamics Using Mid-Infrared and Terahertz Spectroscopy

Edwin Heilweil


Created February 9, 2021, Updated June 16, 2021