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Your Sidebar Explained

Sidebar screenshot.


1)  Under Communications you can find the following:

  1. Notifications – provides access to your full list of notifications. Also allows for search, sorting, and exporting of notifications
  2. Invention Discussion – provides access to all open (pending and/or not closed) communications with contractors/awardees
  3. Requests – provides access to all requests. Also allows for searching of requests

2) Under Submit Report you can complete the following actions:

  1. Invention – allows you to submit a new Invention Report (note: you will need to specify under which organization/contractor this invention is being reported)
  2. Patent – allows you to submit a new Patent Report (note: you will need the Invention Report Number to submit a Patent Report using this method)
  3. Utilization – allows you to submit a new Utilization Report (note: you will need the Invention Report Number to submit a Utilization Report using this method)

3) Under Search/Manage Report are links to search for existing Inventions, Patents, Utilizations, and Documents.

4) Under Generate Report are links for generating Custom and Standard Reports.

  1. Custom – allows you to build your own report from various iEdison data fields
  2. Standard – allows you to select reports from pre-developed reports

5) The Bulk Upload link is for uploading large quantities of Invention, Patent, and/or Utilization Data at one time. See the Bulk Upload Instruction Manual for additional details on how to use this functionality

6) Under Manage Profiles are links for managing:

  1. My Profile – allows you to edit your personal information and manage your email notification preferences
  2. User Profiles – allows you to manage iEdison user accounts for your agency (admins only)
  3. My Agency Profile – allows you to edit preferences and information for and about your agency (admins only)
Created June 1, 2022, Updated August 8, 2022