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Creating a Federal Agency iEdison Account

To create a Federal Agency iEdison account, complete the following steps:

  1. Email iEdison
  2. Attend pre-registration meeting
  3. Return required documentation
  4. Check email for account creation confirmation

1. Email iEdison

Send the information below to iedison [at] (iedison[at]nist[dot]gov).

  1. Bureau/Agency Name
  2. Department (if applicable) – for example, Health and Human Services or Department of Commerce
  3. Contact Person Name
  4. Contact Person Email
  5. Contact Person Phone
  6. A valid grant/contract number that the agency has awarded

2. Attend pre-registration meeting

The iEdison administrator will then contact you to set up a meeting to discuss joining iEdison and next steps, including appointment of an agency administrator.

3. Return signed documentation

After the meeting, the iEdison administrator will send you a Memorandum of Understanding and an Interconnection Security Agreement (if needed). Return these signed documents to the iEdison administrator.

4. Check email for account creation confirmation

Once the iEdison administrator sets up your account, the account point of contact or account administrator will receive an email indicating the account has been established, and the selected agency admin will receive a welcome email to establish their user account.

Created January 31, 2022, Updated August 8, 2022