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Creating Individual Accounts (under Agency)

The following steps are required for an Agency to create an iEdison account:

  1. Navigate to "Manage Profiles"
  2. Click "Invite New User" Button
  3. Complete the New User form
  4. Invite/Confirm

1. Navigate to "Manage Profiles"

Login into the iEdison system and navigate to "Manage Profiles" in the sidebar and click "User Profiles." NOTE: if the "User Profiles" menu item does not appear in your account, then check to see if you are a user or an admin for your agency. Only admin accounts have the ability to create/invite new users.

Sidebar screenshot.

2. Click "Invite New User" button

In the "Manage Agency Users" display, you will see a list of users with an invited, active, or inactive status. In the upper-right corner, click the "Invite New User" button to begin the process.

Invite new user screenshot.

3. Complete the New User form

Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk(*). If the user has a profile in the database, their information will auto-populate as you input text. If the information doesn't populate, the user is not in the database.

User information screenshot.

In the "User Role" field, you will have the option to assign the user a specific role as an "Agency Admin," an "Agency User," or an "Agency Read Only User."

User role screenshot.

Changing a User's Role

If you need to change a user's role on the iEdison system, navigate to "Manage User Profiles," find the user you want to change, and click "Visit Profile." Click the pencil to edit the profile, and a popup will display where you can change the role from "Agency User," "Agency Admin," or "Agency Read Only User." Select "Confirm," and a confirmation pop-up will ask you to verify your selection.

To delete the user role, click on the "X," and you will be prompted to confirm the deletion.

4. Invite/Confirm

When you have completed all sections, click "Invite," and a popup window will display the information for your review.

Confirm invitation screenshot.

If the information is correct, click "Confirm" to complete the process. After your confirmation, the invitee will receive an email to verify and complete the application process.

Created January 20, 2022, Updated September 27, 2022