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Workshop Presentations

Keynote Presentation

  • Mr. Oliver Lawal, IUVA Immediate-past President, President and CEO, AquiSense Technologies - Industry Perspectives - (Presentation)

Plenary Talk

  • Mr. Troy Cowan, Vision Based Consulting - IUVA Healthcare Working Group and Outlooks for Collaboration - (Presentation)

Panel I:  UVC/Light Disinfection Basics

The aim of the UVC/Light disinfection basics panel is to discuss scientific, engineering, clinical,
and safety approaches to the use of light for disinfection in the healthcare environment.
Perspectives on how light interacts with matter and its antimicrobial effects will be explored, as
well as the measurement approaches, and safety aspects and how these need to be considered
in terms of any standards development.

Moderator:  Mr. Troy Cowan, Vision Based Consulting

  • Dr. Cameron Miller, NIST - Electromagnetic spectra (EM) (Presentation)
  • Mr. Dan Spicer, Light Sources, Inc. - Methods and mechanisms of photonic disinfection (Presentation)
  • Mr. Joe May, EIT, LLC - General discussion of UV measurement in the disinfection range 220nm to 310nm (Presentation)
  • Mr. Peter Gordon, Bolb Inc. - Determining optimized roles of different types of light delivery sources (Presentation)
  • Mr. Peter Teska, Diversey - Interactions and damage of surfaces by light (Presentation)
  • Dr. Julie Mangino, Ohio State University Medical Center - Environmental cleaning using UV disinfection to minimize cross transmission risk (Presentation)
  • Mr. Jim Leland, Gigahertz-Optik - Broadband vs. spectral measurements (Presentation)

Panel II:  Hospital Associated Infections (HAIs)

The aim of the Hospital Associated Infections (HAI) panel is to discuss the scientific,
engineering, clinical and public health aspects of HAIs and how measurements play a role in
understanding the use of UV for the prevention of HAIs.

Moderator: Dr. Yaw Obeng, NIST

  • Dr. Richard Martinello, Yale School of Medicine - Overview and impact (Presentation)
  • Dr. John Boyce, J.M. Boyce Consulting, LLC - Use of light for HAI reduction (Presentation)
  • Dr. Curtis Donskey, Case Western Reserve University - Perspectives on assessing UV efficacy by biological measurements (Presentation)
  • Dr. Shelly Miller, University of Colorado (by Video Teleconference) - Building engineering considerations (Presentation)

Panel III:  Assessing the Needs for Standards for Light Disinfection

The aim of “Assessing the Needs for Standards for Light Disinfection” panel is to discuss the
scientific, engineering, clinical and public health needs to develop standards for light

Moderator:  Dr. John Boyce, J.M. Boyce Consulting, LLC

  • Mr. Brian Manley, Tru-D SmartUVC, LLC - UVC measurements - status and current issues (Presentation)
  • Dr. Cameron Miller, NIST - Updates on developments of a UVC standard (Presentation)
  • Mr. Alex Baker, Illuminating Engineering Society - Measurements from a physics perspective and an ANSI Standard (Presentation)
  • Dr. Matthew Hardwick, ResInnova Laboratories - Perspectives on efficacy standards (Presentation)

Panel IV:  Building Environment & Using EM and Light

The aim of the “Building Environment Using EM and Light” panel is to examine the use of light
in the built environment, either portable or stationary, to prevent HAIs. Perspectives on building
design and construction will be considered, as well as dimensions and surfaces. Challenges
and requirements for light use and monitoring in common and atypical spaces will also be
considered in the context for the development of standards.

Moderator:  Alice Brewer, Tru-D SmartUVC, LLC

  • Dr. David Weber, University of North Carolina School of Medicine -Overview & best practices and use of EM/light to date - gaps in research (Presentation)
  • Mr. Joe May, EIT, LLC & Mr. Claes Lindahl, Intellego Technologies -Ultraviolet-C monitoring  (May Presentation, Lindahl Presentation)
  • Mr. Ashish Mathur, UVDI - Perspectives on building codes, energy consumption, cost benefits (Presentation)
  • Dr. Arthur Kreitenberg, Dimer UVC Innovations - Surface textures and implications for needed standards (Presentation)
  • Dr. Matthew Hardwick, ResInnova Laboratories, President, Health Surfaces Institute - Surface interactions and UV compatibility (Presentation)
  • Dr. Chetan Jinadatha, Central Texas Veterans Health Care System - Perspectives on the use of light in alternate and common spaces (Presentation)
  • Dr. Ehsan Mousavi, Clemson University - Architect perspectives on improving hospital design for the use of light to treat HAIs (Presentation)

Panel V:  Beyond UVComplementary

The aim of the “UVComplementary” panel is to explore applications of light that are
complementary to UVC and have the potential for applications to prevent HAIs. An overview of
the subject from the perspectives of today’s market will be provided with a focus on different
approaches, wavelengths and broad spectrum.

Moderator: Mr. Troy Cowan, Vision Based Consulting

  • Mr. Rajul Randive, Crystal IS - Other EM/light wavelengths (Presentation)
  • Dr. David Weber, University of North Carolina School of Medicine - Reflective surfaces and coatings (Presentation)
  • Dr. P.K. Swain, President, Heraeus Noblelight America, LLC. - New technology sources - future landscape (Presentation)

Industry Roundtable:  Different Approaches, Common Goal to Combat HAIs

The aim of the industry roundtable is to bring together manufacturers of UV disinfection devices
from across the marketplace to discuss their scientific, engineering, clinical, and business
approaches to achieve disinfection in the healthcare environment. Common approaches for
device testing, evaluation, and deployment will be identified and the obstacles that limit market
growth will be explored.

Moderator:  Oliver Lawal, AquiSense Technologies

  • Panelists:  Mr. Mark Stibich, Xenex; Mr. Gunner Lyslo, Surfacide; Mr. Steve Reinecke, Proximity; Dr. Arthur Kreitenberg, Dimer UVC Innovations; Mr. Jeremy Starkweather, UV Concepts; Mr. Sam Guzman, American Ultraviolet; Mr. Chuck Dunn, Tru-D SmartUVC, LLC; Mr. Peter Gordon, Bolb, Inc.; Mr. Ashish Mathur, UVDI; Mr. Rick Dayton, Diversey; Mr. Sam Trapani, Steriliz/RD Systems; Mr. Chip Gillooly, Lumagenics
  • Panelists provided verbal remarks only, no formal presentations with slides

Panel VI:  UV & Biology Metrology – What’s Required

The aim of the “UV & Biology Metrology – What’s Required” panel is to examine UV and
biological measurement, standards, technology and data research needs to promote innovation
in the effective use and implementation of UVC technology in healthcare settings.

Moderator:  Dr. Michael Postek, University of South Florida

  • Mr. Ryan Kelley, LTI Optics - EM/light modeling (Presentation)
  • Mr. Joe May, EIT, LLC - New dosimetry technology developments (Presentation)
  • Mr. Claes Lindahl, Intellego Technologies - Paper dosimetry developments (Presentation)
  • Dr. Nancy Lin, NIST - NIST perspectives on assurance for biological measurements (Presentation)
  • Dr. Yaw Obeng, NIST - Novel approaches to measure efficacy (Presentation)
  • Dr. John Boyce, J.M. Boyce Consulting, LLC - Required doses:  variability and refining measurements (Presentation)

Closing Federal Roundtable: From Research to Implementation Through Innovation

The aim of the “Closing Federal Roundtable” is to examine the current landscape
encompassing Federal policy and guidance for the treatment and prevention of healthcare
associated infections (HAIs) in diverse health care settings. Suggested topics include
investments in research and implementation projects, gaps in the HAI knowledge base, and
strategies to help researchers and clinicians develop and apply proven methods and
technologies to prevent HAIs.

Moderator:  Dr. Richard Martinello, Yale School of Medicine

  • Dr. Jomana F. Musmar, Designated Federal Officer, Presidential Advisory Council on Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria (PACCARB), Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) (Presentation)
  • Dr. Duane Caneva, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) (Presentation)
  • Mr. Warren Merkel, Group Leader, Standards Services Group, NIST Standards Coordination Office (Presentation)
Created March 23, 2020, Updated August 15, 2023