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Workshop Abstracts

All Abstracts

       Poster abstracts (.zip)

Invited Talk Abstracts Below

Plenary Talk

       Richard A. Martinello (PDF)

       Troy Cowan (Word)

Panel I:  UVC/Light Disinfection Basics

       Cameron Miller (PDF)

       Dan Spicer (Word)

       Joe May (PDF)

       Peter Gordon (PDF)

       Sam Guzman (Word)  

       Peter Teska (PDF)

       Julie Mangino (PDF)

Panel II:  Hospital Associated Infections (HAIs)

       John Boyce (PDF)

       Richard Martinello (PDF)

       Curtis Donskey (PDF)

       Shelly Miller (PDF)

Panel III:  Assessing the Needs for Standards for Light Disinfection

       Cameron Miller (Word) 

       Alex Baker (Word)

       Matthew Hardwick (PDF)

Panel IV:  Building Environment & Using EM and Light

       David Weber (Word)

       Class Lindahl (PDF)

       Ashish Marthur (PDF)

       Arthur Kreitenberg (PDF)

       Joe May (PDF)

Panel V:  Beyond UVComplementary

       Jeffrey Roeder (PDF)

       David Weber (Word)

       Panel V Rajul Randive (Word)

Industry Roundtable

       Arthur Kreitenberg (PDF)

       Ashish Mathur (PDF)

       Mark Stibich (Word)

       Steve Reinecke (Word)

       Rick Dayton (PDF)

Panel VI:  UV & Biology Metrology – What’s Required

       Ryan Kelley (PDF)

       Claes Lindahl (PDF)

       Nancy Lin (PDF)

       Joy Dunkers (Word)

       Yaw Obeng (PDF)

       John Boyce (PDF)

       Joe May (PDF)

Federal Roundtable:  From Research to Implementation Through Innovation

       Jomana Musmar (Word)

       Ryan Ortega (Word)


Created January 13, 2020, Updated August 15, 2023