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Workshop Posters

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Chairs: Dr. Michael Postek, University of South Florida and Dr. John Kasianowicz, NIST
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  1. Pablo Fredes, University de Santiago de Chile – "Relevant key parameters to migrate Hg lamps to LEDs, in the UV range for fluence determination" (Poster)
  2. Karin Ziegler, Ziegler Electronic Devices GmbH - "Sensors for absolute UV-C measurements and long-term stability tests"
  3. Kirsten Parratt, Biosystems and Biomaterials Division, NIST - "Model biofilms to evaluate antimicrobial treatments and structure-function relationships"
  4. Steve Reinecke, Proximity - "Evaluating the use of UVC light devices in a clinical setting to reduce pathogens on computer workstations" (Poster)
  5. Thomas Larason, Sensor Science Division, NIST - "Ultraviolet (UV) treatment for safe drinking water" (Poster)
  6. Catherine Cooksey, Sensor Science Division, NIST - "Exposure study on UV-induced degradation of white diffusers" (Poster)
  7. Jeremy Starkweather, UV-Concepts Inc. - "Purpose built UV-C enclosure for portable medical equipment: controlling the environment is the key to consistent results" (Poster)
  8. Maria Gergen, Lumagenics - "Effective, novel, handheld, UV technology for surface disinfection while patients or staff are nearby"
  9. Peter Teska, Diversey Inc. - "Damage to common healthcare polymer surfaces from UV-C exposure" (Poster)
  10. Jesse Miller, PathO3Gen Solutions - "NSF Study: Efficacy of an Ozone-Generating Whole-Shoe Disinfection Device at Three Time Points" (Poster)
  11. Arthur Kreitenberg, Dimer UVC Innovations - "A Separate Needed Standard for Operating Room UV Disinfection" (Poster)
Created March 25, 2020, Updated August 15, 2023