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List of Workshop Attendees

Participant List for Workshop on Ultraviolet Disinfection Technologies Healthcare Associated Infections
January 14 - 15, 2020, NIST Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

Download List of Workshop Attendees

Please note: this list only includes attendees that agreed to be included in the participant list

First Name Last Name Organization Email
Scott Abbes UV Light Solutions uvlightsolutions [at] (uvlightsolutions[at]yahoo[dot]com)
Jennifer Abbes UV Light Solutions uvlightsolutions [at] (uvlightsolutions[at]yahoo[dot]com)
Steven Baiocchi Steriliz steve [at] (steve[at]steriliz[dot]us)
Alex Baker Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) abaker [at] (abaker[at]ies[dot]org)
James Beavers HyGriene IEQ jimb [at] (jimb[at]HyGrieneIEQ[dot]com)
Larinda Becker Diversey, Inc. larinda.becker [at] (larinda[dot]becker[at]diversey[dot]com)
Michael Bell Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) zzb8 [at] (zzb8[at]cdc[dot]gov)
Souheil Benzerrouk Canopus Water Technologies Inc. souheil [at] (souheil[at]canopuswatertechnologies[dot]com)
John Boyce J.M. Boyce Consulting, LLC jmboyce69 [at] (jmboyce69[at]gmail[dot]com)
Alice Brewer Tru-D SmartUVC alicebrewer [at] (alicebrewer[at]tru-d[dot]com)
Kelsey Budd Surfacide kelsey.budd [at] (kelsey[dot]budd[at]surfacide[dot]com)
Duane Caneva DHS duane.caneva [at] (duane[dot]caneva[at]hq[dot]dhs[dot]gov)
Suma Chacko Hospital of University of Pennsylvania Suma.chacko [at] (Suma[dot]chacko[at]pennmedicine[dot]upenn[dot]edu)
Elizabeth Claverie FDA elizabeth.claverie [at] (elizabeth[dot]claverie[at]fda[dot]hhs[dot]gov)
Gary Cohen IUVA gcohen [at] (gcohen[at]iuva[dot]org)
Catherine Cooksey NIST catherine.cooksey [at] (catherine[dot]cooksey[at]nist[dot]gov)
Karoll Cortez Center for Devices and Radiological Health, U.S. FDA Karoll.Cortez [at] (Karoll[dot]Cortez[at]fda[dot]hhs[dot]gov)
Troy Cowan l UV Association (IUVA) troy [at] (troy[at]visionbasedconsulting[dot]us)
Michael Czechowskyj Skytron mczechowskyj [at] (mczechowskyj[at]skytron[dot]com)
Sandra Da Silva NIST silva [at] (sandra[dot]dasilva[at]nist[dot]gov)
Seyed Dastgheyb MediComp Vienna, VA dastgheyb [at] (dastgheyb[at]medicompsupplies[dot]com)
Roderick Dayton Diversey rick.dayton [at] (rick[dot]dayton[at]diversey[dot]com)
Gerald DiBattista Porex gerry.dibattista [at] (gerry[dot]dibattista[at]filtrationgroup[dot]com)
Mark Donhowe W. L. Gore & Associates MDONHOWE [at] WLGORE.COM (MDONHOWE[at]WLGORE[dot]COM)
Curtis Donskey Cleveland VA Medical Center Curtis.Donskey [at] (Curtis[dot]Donskey[at]va[dot]gov)
Joy Dunkers NIST joy.dunkers [at] (joy[dot]dunkers[at]nist[dot]gov)
Charles Dunn Tru-D SmartUVC, LLC chuckdunn [at] (chuckdunn[at]tru-d[dot]com)
Mickey Fortune IUVA mfortune [at] (mfortune[at]iuva[dot]org)
Jill Fowler ILT jfowler [at] (jfowler[at]intl-lighttech[dot]com)
Pablo Fredes Hydraluvx pfredes.uv [at] (pfredes[dot]uv[at]gmail[dot]com)
Dan Furey Porex dan.furey [at] (dan[dot]furey[at]filtrationgroup[dot]com)
Kurt Garrett Lumagenics kgarrett [at] (kgarrett[at]lumagenics[dot]com)
Mark Gaston Excelitas markgaston88 [at] (markgaston88[at]gmail[dot]com)
Charles Gillooly Lumagenics cgillooly [at] (cgillooly[at]lumagenics[dot]com)
Peter Gordon Bolb Inc p.gordon [at] (p[dot]gordon[at]bolb[dot]co)
Jeremy Goza Proximity Systems jeremygoza [at] (jeremygoza[at]proximitysystems[dot]com)
Michael Grather LightLab International Allentown, LLC mike [at] (mike[at]LightLabAllentown[dot]com)
Steve Grenon Lumagenics sgrenon [at] (sgrenon[at]lumagenics[dot]com)
Santos Guzman American Ultraviolet Company sguzman [at] (sguzman[at]auvco[dot]com)
Matthew Hardwick ResInnova Laboratories mhardwick [at] (mhardwick[at]resinnovalabs[dot]com)
Melissa Harvey DHS melissa.harvey [at] (melissa[dot]harvey[at]hq[dot]dhs[dot]gov)
Jenny Hayes Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania jenny.hayes [at] (jenny[dot]hayes[at]pennmedicine[dot]upenn[dot]edu)
Joan Hebden IPC Consulting Group LLC jhebden1302 [at] (jhebden1302[at]comcast[dot]net)
Jay Hendricks NIST jay.hendricks [at] (jay[dot]hendricks[at]nist[dot]gov)
Mark Hernandez University of Colorado Mark.Hernandez [at] (Mark[dot]Hernandez[at]colorado[dot]edu)
Norman Horn Seal Shield, LLC norman.horn [at] (norman[dot]horn[at]sealshield[dot]com)
Barry Hunt Prescientx barry [at] (barry[at]prescientx[dot]com)
Scott Jackson NIST scott.jackson [at] (scott[dot]jackson[at]nist[dot]gov)
Jack Jiang Illumination Technology, Inc jackcjiang [at] (jackcjiang[at]gmail[dot]com)
Chetan Jinadatha Central Texas Veterans Health Care System Chetan.Jinadatha [at] (Chetan[dot]Jinadatha[at]va[dot]gov)
Carol Johnson NIST carol.johnson [at] (carol[dot]johnson[at]nist[dot]gov)
Mark Kazmierczak PACCARB mark.kazmierczak [at] (mark[dot]kazmierczak[at]hhs[dot]gov)
Ryan Kelley LTI Optics, LLC ryan [at] (ryan[at]ltioptics[dot]com)
Kevin Khatta Heraeus Noblelight kevin.khatta [at] (kevin[dot]khatta[at]heraeus[dot]com)
Ellen Koch Pathogen Solutions Ekoch [at] (Ekoch[at]avantimedtech[dot]com)
Elliot Kreitenberg Dimer, LLC GermFalcon/GermRover emk [at] (emk[at]germfalcon[dot]com)
Arthur Kreitenberg Dimer/Germfalcon dr.k [at] (dr[dot]k[at]germfalcon[dot]com)
Mark Krosney EDHM Consulting mkrosney [at] (mkrosney[at]gmail[dot]com)
Bralen Lamoureux HHS  
Thomas Larason NIST thomas.larason [at] (thomas[dot]larason[at]nist[dot]gov)
Oliver Lawal Aquisense Technologies  
David Leak Ximedica dleak [at] (dleak[at]ximedica[dot]com)
James Leland Gigahertz-Optik j.leland [at] (j[dot]leland[at]gigahertz-optik[dot]com)
Heidi Leonard NIST heidi.leonard [at] (heidi[dot]leonard[at]nist[dot]gov)
Theresa Lim Aerobiotix, Inc. adunham [at] (adunham[at]aerobiotix[dot]com)
Nancy Lin NIST nancy.lin [at] (nancy[dot]lin[at]nist[dot]gov)
Claes Lindahl Intellego Technologies claes.lindahl [at] (claes[dot]lindahl[at]intellego-technologies[dot]com)
Sheng Lin-Gibson NIST sheng.lin-gibson [at] (sheng[dot]lin-gibson[at]nist[dot]gov)
Toni Litorja NIST toni.litorja [at] (toni[dot]litorja[at]nist[dot]gov)
Gunner Lyslo Surfacide gunner [at] (gunner[at]surfacide[dot]com)
Ben Ma University of Colorado, Boulder bema7367 [at] (bema7367[at]colorado[dot]edu)
Tara Maggiano Excelitas Technologies Corp.  
Julia Mangino The Ohio State University julie.mangino [at] (julie[dot]mangino[at]osumc[dot]edu)
Edwin Manley Tru-D Smart UVC edmanley [at] (edmanley[at]tru-D[dot]com)
Brian Manley Tru-D SmartUVC brianmanley [at] (brianmanley[at]tru-d[dot]com)
Stephen Martin CDC/NIOSH smartin1 [at] (smartin1[at]cdc[dot]gov)
Richard Martinello Yale University richard.martinello [at] (richard[dot]martinello[at]yale[dot]edu)
Ashish Mathur UVDI ashish.mathur [at] (ashish[dot]mathur[at]uvdi[dot]com)
Joe May EIT, LLC jmay [at] (jmay[at]eit[dot]com)
Elaine Mayhall CDRH/FDA  
Scott McGowan VioLume Inc. scott [at] (scott[at]violume[dot]com)
Warren Merkel Standards Services Group warren.merkel [at] (warren[dot]merkel[at]nist[dot]gov)
Timothy Milan Vytis Shield Milan [at] (Milan[at]vytisshield[dot]com)
Shelly Miller University of Colorado Boulder shelly.miller [at] (shelly[dot]miller[at]colorado[dot]edu)
Cameron Miller NIST c.miller [at] (c[dot]miller[at]nist[dot]gov)
Mikio Morinaga Higuchi Inc USA morinaga [at] (morinaga[at]higuchi-group[dot]com)
Seyed Ehsan Mousavi Rizi Clemson University mousavi [at] (mousavi[at]clemson[dot]edu)
Michael Murphy Proximity Systems sreeves [at] (sreeves[at]proximitysystems[dot]com)
Jomana Musmar HHS jomana.musmar [at] (jomana[dot]musmar[at]hhs[dot]gov)
Maria Nadal NIST maria.nadal [at] (maria[dot]nadal[at]nist[dot]gov)
Eric Nelson Heraeus Noblelight America LLC eric.nelson [at] (eric[dot]nelson[at]heraeus[dot]com)
Yaw Obeng NIST yaw.obeng [at] (yaw[dot]obeng[at]nist[dot]gov)
Laurence Ollivier Germitec l.ollivier [at] (l[dot]ollivier[at]germitec[dot]com)
Ryan Olsen Ushio America Inc. rolsen [at] (rolsen[at]ushio[dot]com)
Ryan Ortega Food and Drug Administration ryan.ortega [at] (ryan[dot]ortega[at]fda[dot]hhs[dot]gov)
Ramesh Panguluri US FDA ramesh.panguluri [at] (ramesh[dot]panguluri[at]usfda[dot]gov)
David Parkansky VioLume david.parkansky [at] (david[dot]parkansky[at]violume[dot]com)
Kirsten Parratt NIST kirsten.parratt [at] (kirsten[dot]parratt[at]nist[dot]gov)
Nicole Philip Surfacide nicole.philip [at] (nicole[dot]philip[at]surfacide[dot]com)
Guilherme Pinheiro NIST guilherme.pinheiro [at] (guilherme[dot]pinheiro[at]nist[dot]gov)
Michael Piontek Skytron mpiontek [at] (mpiontek[at]skytron[dot]us)
Michael Postek University of South Florida postek [at] (postek[at]usf[dot]edu)
Dianne Poster NIST poster [at] (poster[at]nist[dot]gov)
Peder Poulsen Bridgeport Magnetics Group ulrik [at] (ulrik[at]bridgeportmagnetics[dot]com)
Kumiko Quanrud Dowa International Corporation kumiko.quanrud [at] (kumiko[dot]quanrud[at]dicny[dot]com)
Rajul Randive Crystal IS randive [at] (randive[at]cisuvc[dot]com)
Thomas Rathgen ZED Ziegler Electronic Devices GmbH t.rathgen [at] (t[dot]rathgen[at]z-e-d[dot]com)
Maria Ravn PurpleSun ariaravn [at] (ariaravn[at]purplesun[dot]com)
Steve Reinecke Proximity Systems sreinecke [at] (sreinecke[at]proximitysystems[dot]com)
Vytas Reipa NIST vytas.reipa [at] (vytas[dot]reipa[at]nist[dot]gov)
Jeffrey Roeder Sonata Scientific jr [at] (jr[at]sonatascientific[dot]com)
Marvin Ruffin Excelitas Technologies marvin.ruffin [at] (marvin[dot]ruffin[at]excelitas[dot]com)
Richard Salzar Germitec r.salzar [at] (r[dot]salzar[at]germitec[dot]com)
Dean Saputa UV Resources dean.saputa [at] (dean[dot]saputa[at]uvresources[dot]com)
Stephanie Servetas NIST stephanie.servetas [at] (stephanie[dot]servetas[at]nist[dot]gov)
Eric Shirley NIST eric.shirley [at] (eric[dot]shirley[at]nist[dot]gov)
David Skelton Evergreen UV davidskelton [at] (davidskelton[at]evergreenuv[dot]com)
Shari Solomon CleanHealth Environmental solomon [at] (solomon[at]cleanhealthenv[dot]com)
Daniel Spicer Light Sources Inc. DSPICER [at] LIGHT-SOURCES.COM (DSPICER[at]LIGHT-SOURCES[dot]COM)
John Squeri W.L. Gore and Associates jsqueri [at] (jsqueri[at]wlgore[dot]com)
David St Clair Halosil International, Inc. dstclair [at] (dstclair[at]halosil[dot]com)
Keith St John Professional Disposables International keith.stjohn [at] (keith[dot]stjohn[at]pdihc[dot]com)
Brian Stacy Trinity UVC Lighting, LLC brian [at] (brian[at]trinityuvclighting[dot]com)
Jeremy Starkweather UV-Concepts Inc. jeremys [at] (jeremys[at]uvconcepts[dot]com)
Tuck Stibich Xenex stibich [at] (stibich[at]gmail[dot]com)
Jeffrey Stines American Ultraviolet jstines [at] (jstines[at]auvco[dot]com)
Paul Supan American Dental Association  
Pradyumna Swain HERAEUS Noblelight America Pradyumna.swain [at] (Pradyumna[dot]swain[at]heraeus[dot]com)
Kevin Tan AbCellera Biologics Inc. kevin.tan [at] (kevin[dot]tan[at]abcellera[dot]com)
Maria Teague Lumagenics mgergen [at] (mgergen[at]lumagenics[dot]com)
Antonius Telgenhof Oude Koehorst Nedap tonnie.telgenhof [at] (tonnie[dot]telgenhof[at]nedap[dot]com)
Sarah Temple-Raston Vartest Laboaratories llopez [at] (llopez[at]vartest[dot]com)
Peter Teska Diversey  
Amber Thomas Johns Hopkins Hospital athom140 [at] (athom140[at]jhmi[dot]edu)
Hamed Torzadeh Clemson University htorkza [at] (htorkza[at]g[dot]clemson[dot]edu)
Sam Trapani Steriliz sam [at] (sam[at]steriliz[dot]us)
Leigh Veasey Intellego Technologies Leigh [at] (Leigh[at]intellego-technologies[dot]com)
Robyn Vosburgh Collins PathO3Gen Solutions robyn [at] (robyn[at]patho3gen[dot]com)
David Weber University of North Carolina dweber [at] (dweber[at]unch[dot]unc[dot]edu)
Ransom Willard Hospital Safety Solutions ransom [at] (ransom[at]hospitalsafetysolutions[dot]com)
Zheng Xue GERMITEC z.xue [at] (z[dot]xue[at]germitec[dot]com)
Earl Yerby Hospital Safety Solutions allen [at] (allen[at]hospitalsafetysolutions[dot]com)
Hee-Won Yoon Children's Hospital of Philadelphia  
Xiaoyu Alan Zheng NIST alan.zheng [at] (xiaoyu alan[dot]zheng[at]nist[dot]gov)
Liqun Zhao FDA  
Jing Zhou International Light Technologies jzhou [at] (jzhou[at]intl-lighttech[dot]com)
Yuqin Zong NIST yuqin.zong [at] (yuqin[dot]zong[at]nist[dot]gov)
Created March 24, 2020, Updated August 15, 2023