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Biometric Quality Workshop I Presentations

March 8-9, 2006
National Institute of Standards and Technology


This page is intended as a permanent archive of the presentations delivered to the 165 attendees of the March 2006 NIST Biometric Quality Workshop. In two cases the files linked here are slightly abridged versions of those actually given. In one case the speaker was unable to attend and the presentation is included here anyway.

The presentations are listed alphabetically by speaker name.

  1. Andy Adler and Tanya Dembinsky, Human vs. Automatic Measurement of Biometric Sample Quality, University of Ottawa. This presentation summarizes a paper of the to be published by the Canadian Conference of Electronic Computer Engineering in Ottawa, Canada, May 7-10, 2006.
  2. Behnam Bavarian, Operational Elements of Fingerprint Image Quality Motorola Biometrics Business Unit.
  3. David Benini, Biometric Sample Quality Standards - Importance, Status, and Direction Aware, Inc.
  4. J. Ross Beveridge, Linear and Generalized Linear Models for Analyzing Face Recognition Performance Colorado State University.
  5. Terry Boult, Beyond Image Quality: Failure Analysis from Similarity Surface Techniques University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.
  6. James Cambier and Ulf Cahn von Seelen, Multi-camera Iris Quality Study Iridian Technologies.
  7. Greg Cannon and Greg Zyzdryn, Improving Fingerprint Capture using "Auto Capture" Cross Match Technologies.
  8. Raffaele Cappelli, Matteo Ferrara and Davide Maltoni, The Quality of Fingerprint Scanners and its Impact on the Accuracy of Fingerprint Recognition Algorithms Università degli Studi di Bologna
  9. Bob Carter, DoD ABIS: Quality Evaluation of Operational Multi-Modal Biometric Data Lockheed Martin, DoD Biometrics.
  10. Donald P. D'Amato, Best Practices for Taking Face Photographs and Face Image Quality Metrics Mitretek Systems, Inc.
  11. Stephen Elliot, Fingerprint Image Quality Across Different Populations Activities of the SC37/WG 5/Biometric Equipment Performance Fingerprint Image Quality Across Different Populations Activities of the SC37/WG 5/Biometric Equipment Performance Purdue University.
  12. Julian Fierrez-Aguilar, Javier Ortega-Garcia et al., Incorporating Biometric Quality In Multi-Biometrics Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
  13. Jean-Christophe Fondeur, Thoughts and Figures on Quality Measurements Sagem Morpho Inc.
  14. Patrick Grother and Elham Tabassi, Performance of Biometric Sample Quality Measures NIST This presentation previewed a long paper.
  15. Jay Hajeer, Glen Ireland and Daven Williams, Auto-Capture Using Auto-Capture Using Multi-Sampling IO Software Inc.
  16. Amane Yoshida and Masanori Hara, Fingerprint Image Quality Metrics That Guarantees Matching Accuracy NEC Corp.
  17. Austin Hicklin, What Constitutes Biometric Data Quality? Mitretek Systems. 
  18. Tom Hopper and Norm Nill, FBI Fingerprint Scanner Certification Program Federal Bureau of Investigation (Hopper) and Mitre (Nill).
  19. Anil Jain et al., Quality-Based Fusion in Multi-Biometric Systems Michigan State University.
  20. Qiang Ji and Peng Wang, Performance Modeling and Prediction of Face Recognition Systems Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. This presentation is accompanied by a paper of the same title.
  21. Hale Kim and Jihyun Moon, Measuring the Quality of Biometric Database Inha University & Biometrics Engineering Research Center Korea.
  22. Rama Krishnan, Fingerprint Capture Challenges and Opportunities Raytheon Inc.
  23. Neal Latta, Importance of Image Quality to USVISIT and IDENT Department of Homeland Security.
  24. Dan F. Maase, Components of Fingerprint Image Quality Identix Inc.
  25. Michael McCabe, Quality Aspects of the ANSI/NIST Fingerprint Facial & SMT Data Exchange Standard NIST.
  26. Christopher Miles, Biometrics Quality: Needs for Quality in DOJ National Institure of Justice.
  27. Ming Hsieh, Biometrics Quality: Technologies, Benefits and Challenges Cogent Systems Inc.
  28. Yuridia Gonzalez, Measuring the Quality of Passport Photos Fraunhofer Institut Graphische Datanverarbeitung.
  29. P. Jonathon Phillips, How Quality Influences Human- Computer Face Recognition NIST.
  30. Robert Rowe, Comparative Image Quality of Multispectral Fingerprint Images Lumidigm Inc.
  31. Marrios Savvides, Kernel Correlation Feature Analysis: A New Advanced Correlation Filter Approach for Recognizing Uncontrolled Face Image data in FRGC - Phase II Carnegie Mellon University.
  32. Natalia Schmid et al., Performance Analysis of Individual and Combined Quality Effects for Iris Biometrics West Virginia University.
  33. B. Scott Swann, Integrating Standard Biometric Quality Metrics within the FBI IAFIS Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  34. Mary Theofanos and Ross Micheals, Human Factors and Usability Interaction on Fingerprint Quality NIST.
  35. Phillip Wasserman, Digital Image Quality for Iris Recognition NIST.
  36. Frank Weber, Some quality measures for face images and their relationship to recognition performance Cognitec Systems GmbH.
  37. Martin Werner and Michael Brauckmann, Quality Values for Face Recognition Viisage Inc.
  38. Charles L. Wilson, Minutiae Interoperability Exchange Test NIST.
  39. Bradford Wing, Why is Biometric Quality Important to DHS and Other Government Agencies? Department of Homeland Security.
  40. Robert Yen, Human Visual Perception Model for Measuring Fingerprint Image Quality Department of Defense, Biometrics Management Office.
  41. Artiom Yukhin, Quality of 3D Face Acquisition and Its Relation to the Performance A4 Vision Inc.

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