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Reactor Operations and Engineering Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Thomas Newton Group Leader thomas.newton [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Daniel Abel Ctr
Kenneth Albrecht Ctr
Brian Almeida brian.almeida [at] Fed
Robert Altobelli robert.altobelli [at] Fed
Scott Arneson scott.arneson [at] Fed
Lyndsey Ball lyndsey.ball [at] Fed
Christopher Bauman christopher.bauman [at] Fed
William Baynard william.baynard [at] Fed
Christopher Beach christopher.beach [at] Fed
Christopher P. Berg christopher.berg [at] Fed
Paul A. Bobik paul.bobik [at] Fed
Bianca Brillant bianca.brillant [at] Fed
Evan Bures evan.bures [at] Assoc
Jeff Burmeister jeff.burmeister [at] Fed
Alexandar Caldanaro alexandar.caldanaro [at] Assoc
Joshua Campbell joshua.campbell [at] Fed
Dominic Carattini dominic.carattini [at] Fed
Osman Celikten osman.celikten [at] IntlAssoc
Taian Chen taian.chen [at] Assoc
John-Paul Crosby Ctr
Brian Cruz Ctr
Michelle Dudley irene.dudley [at] Fed
Ashten Dyson ashten.dyson [at] Fed
Noura Elsalamouny noura.elsalamouny [at] IntlAssoc
James Farrell james.farrell [at] Fed
Todd L. Fitt todd.fitt [at] Fed
Daniel J. Flynn dan.flynn [at] Fed
Brandy Frie brandy.frie [at] Fed
Andrew Gahan andrew.gahan [at] Fed
Jeffrey Gardiner Ctr
David Griffin david.griffin [at] Fed
Anil Gurgen anil.gurgen [at] Assoc
Attila Halacsy attila.halacsy [at] Fed
Joseph Heider Ctr
Jon Hernandez jonathan.hernandez [at] Fed
David Hix david.hix [at] Fed
Jean Hu [at] Fed
Veronica Ivanovskaya veronica.ivanovskaya [at] Assoc
Maxwell Jones maxwell.jones [at] Fed
John Jurns john.jurns [at] Ctr
Daniel C. Keyser daniel.keyser [at] Fed
Majeed D. Khan majeed.khan [at] Fed
Douglas Linn Ctr
Paul J. Liposky paul.liposky [at] Fed
Samuel J. MacDavid samuel.macdavid [at] Fed
Andrew Main andrew.main [at] Fed
Kevin Martin Ctr
Zoe Masters zoe.masters [at] Assoc
Daniel Mattes daniel.mattes [at] Fed
John Merlo Ctr
Michael Middleton michael.middleton [at] Fed
Connor Miele connor.miele [at] Fed
David Montalvo david.montalvo [at] Fed
Kaw Moo kaw.moo [at] Assoc
Amira Moore amira.moore [at] Assoc
Kelly Namara kelly.namara [at] Assoc
Nissim Navi nissim.navi [at] IntlAssoc
Robert Newby robert.newby [at] Fed
Thomas Newton thomas.newton [at] Fed
Ha Nguyen ha.nguyen [at] Fed
Ammi Potter Ctr
Scotty Roberts Ctr
David Ruesch Ctr
Dagistan Sahin dagistan.sahin [at] Fed
Kevin Savabi kevin.savabi [at] Fed
Jacob Seiter jacob.seiter [at] Fed
Yaniv Shaposhnik yaniv.shaposhnik [at] IntlAssoc
Nelay Sharma nelay.sharma [at] Assoc
Saanvi Shashikiran saanvi.shashikiran [at] Assoc
Joy Shen joy.shen [at] Fed
Scott G. Slaughter scott.slaughter [at] Fed
Daniil Sokol daniil.sokol [at] Fed
Randolph Strader randolph.strader [at] Fed
Iman Syed iman.syed [at] Assoc
James Syphard Ctr
Fiona Turgeon fiona.turgeon [at] Fed
Andrew Vodopija andrew.vodopija [at] Fed
Breken Wallar breken.wallar [at] Assoc
Abdullah Weiss abdullah.weiss [at] Fed
Amanuel Wendimu amanuel.wendimu [at] Assoc
James Whipple james.whipple [at] Fed
Tia Williams tia.williams [at] Fed
Christopher Wohlford christopher.wohlford [at] Fed
Brian Wright brian.wright [at] Fed
Majd Zaker majd.zaker [at] Fed