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Stakeholder Engagement

NIST engages with key stakeholders to learn about pressing measurement challenges, to jointly develop potential solutions, and to disseminate NIST products. NIST also serves as a neutral ground for the discussion of measurements and other manufacturing needs. NIST workshops provide a forum for actively engaging stakeholders to discuss common pre-competitive measurement challenges, and the outcomes help us to be more responsive in addressing common measurement needs. 


Nov 2023
NIST-FDA Workshops: Measurements and Standards for Advanced Therapy
April 2022
NIST-Hosted Workshop on Collaborative Efforts to Enable Adoption of Rapid Microbial Testing Methods for Advanced Therapy Products
Dec 2022
Workshop on Measurement Needs for Biofabrication of Tissue Engineered Medical Products
April 2022
NIST Rapid Microbial Testing Methods Workshop
Nov 2021
Open Flow Cytometry Standards Consortium Workshop
Feb 2021
Flow Cytometry Standards Consortium Workshop
Sept 2020
Launch of the Rapid Microbial Testing Methods Consortium
Workshop report
March 2019
FDA-NIST-SCB Workshop: Realizing the benefits of 21st Century Cures through Standards Development
Workshop summary
April 2018
NIST-FDA Workshop: Genome editing 
Oct 2017
NIST-FDA Flow Cytometry Workshop:  Building Measurement Assurance in Flow Cytrometry
April 2017
NIST-FDA Cell Counting Workshop: Sharing practices in cell counting measurements
Workshop report

May 2016

Genome Editing Standards Workshop
Workshop report

Feb 2016

NIST CAR-T Biomanufacturing Symposium
Workshop report

May 2015

NIST Workshop: Measurement Assurance Strategies for Cell Therapy Products
Workshop report

NIST-Hosted Consortia

NIST-Led Standards Discussions

NIST is also working with key stakeholders to develop standards for analytical methods for this industry. NIST leads and contributes to various standards development organizations including ASTMi and ISO. Click here to learn more.

Click here to learn more about the NIST Regenerative Medicine and Advanced Therapies (RMAT) laboratory programs.

Created July 22, 2016, Updated January 24, 2024