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Presentations: TGDC Meeting Feb 8-9, 2016

Technical Guidelines Development Committee Meeting
February 8 - 9, 2016
Held at:
U.S. Access Board
1331 F Street NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC


Day 1: February 8, 2016

Opening Remarks:

  • Marc Guthrie, Access Board Representative
  • Mary Brady, Manager, Voting Program, NIST [PPT | PDF]
  • Matthew Masterson, Commissioner, Designated Federal Office for U.S. Election Assistance Commission
  • Introductions of New EAC Executive Director and General Counsel
  • TGDC Introductions

Agenda - Mary Brady, Manager, Voting Program, NIST

Working Groups Activities since July TGDC Meeting

  • Pre-Election - Lori Augino, NASED Representative [PPT | PDF]
  • Election - Bob Giles, EAC Standards Board Representative [PPT | PDF]
  • Post-Election - Linda Lamone, EAC Board of Advisor Representative [PPT | PDF]

Constituency Groups Activities since July TGDC Meeting

  • Cyber-Security - David Wagner, University of California, Berkeley
  • Human Factors - Diane Golden, Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs [PPT | PDF]
  • Interoperability - Jeramy Gray, LA County Registrar-Recorder [PPT | PDF]
  • Testing - McDermot Coutts, Unisyn Voting Solutions [PPT | PDF]

Scoping VVSG: Defining what is (and what is not) a Voting System

  • The Changing Landscape / Legislative Trends in Voting Technology - Katy Owens Hubler, NCSL [PPT | PDF]
  • Post-HAVA Voting System Requirements - Brian Hancock, EAC [PPT | PDF
    & Merle King, Center for Election Systems, Kennesaw State University [PPT | PDF]

Lunch Talk with Matt Boehmer, Director, FVAP [PPT | PDF]

Day 2: February 9, 2016

Opening Remarks - Willie May, Chair, Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards & Technology and NIST Director

PCEA Standards & Testing Recommendations - Tammy Patrick, Bipartisan Policy Center [PPT | PDF]

Perspectives from other industries - Paul Dasaro, Administrator, State of Washington Electronic Gaming Labs [PPT | PDF]

Certification Strategies - Gordon Gilllerman, NIST [PPT | PDF]

Structuring Next Generation Guidelines: VVSG 1.1

  • Federal Requirements
    • High-level requirements - EAC [PPT | PDF]
    • Test Assertions - Mark Skall, NIST [PPT | PDF]
    • VSTL - James Long, NTS [PPT | PDF]
  • Mapping State and Federal Requirements - EAC
  • State Requirements - Merle King, Center for Election Systems, Kennesaw State University [PPT | PDF]
Created February 8, 2016, Updated August 25, 2016