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NIST Special Publication 1800-series General Information

NIST Special Publication (SP) 1800 series documents present practical, usable, cybersecurity solutions to the cybersecurity community. These solutions demonstrate how to apply standards-based approaches and best practices. An 1800 document can map capabilities to the Cybersecurity Framework and outline steps needed for another entity or organization to recreate an example solution.


Each SP 1800 series publication generally serves as a “how to” guide that demonstrates how to implement and apply standards-based cybersecurity technologies in the real world. The guides are designed to help organizations gain efficiencies in implementing cybersecurity technologies, while saving them research and proof of concept costs.

SP 1800 series publications often provide:

  • Detailed example solutions and capabilities.
  • Demonstrated how-to approaches using multiple products to achieve the same end result.
  • Modular guidance on implementation of capabilities to organizations of all sizes.
  • All necessary components and installation, configuration, and integration information so organizations can easily replicate solutions. 

Technology vendors who participate in many SP 1800 publications submitted their capabilities in response to a notice in the Federal Register. Companies with relevant products were invited to sign a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with NIST, allowing them to participate in a consortium to build this example solution.


In general, the use of an essential patent claim (one whose use would be required for compliance with the guidance or requirements of a NIST SP 1800 publication) may be considered if technical reasons justify this approach.  In such cases, a patent holder would have to agree to either a Royalty-Free (RF) or Royalty-Bearing (RB) license on terms which are Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (RAND). 


SP 1800 publications are not subject to copyright in the United States.  Attribution would, however, be appreciated by NIST.

Commercial Terms and Products

Any mention of commercial products within NIST SP 1800 series publications is for information only; it does not imply recommendation or endorsement by NIST.

Organizations should identify the standards-based products that will best integrate with their existing tools and IT system infrastructure. Companies can then adopt a solution that adheres to these guidelines—or they can use a NIST SP 1800 document as a starting point for tailoring and implementing parts of a solution.

Publications in the SP 1800 series cover all the products that were employed in each example solution. NIST does not recreate the product manufacturer’s documentation, which is presumed to be widely available. Rather, the guides show how products were incorporated together in NIST’s test environment.

Created May 21, 2018, Updated June 24, 2024